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My schedule has been completely out of whack recently. I was under the very serious impression that yesterday was Wednesday until about 4pm when someone mentioned it was Monday. I felt so weird!

I’ve also been feeling a big lack of creative motivation with the blog the past couple of days, I sit at the computer and just can’t think of anything good to say. I’ve been having good food and actually really good workouts, but for some reason just was lost for words. Maybe my brain was just on scramble for some reason? Anyhoo I’m feeling much better, I know what day of the week it is and I feel the urge to blog, so pretty all its right 🙂

Here are some random fun eats from the past couple of days,


I somehow got on this random oat kick out of nowhere. I think it was because the weather was chilly and gloomy in the mornings. I actually tried something completely new for me: Steel Cut Oats. I had this container of steel cut oats sitting around for months, but I was honestly kind of intimidated by how weird they looked compared to rolled oats.


I think my biggest hang up was that the serving size was only 1/4 of a cup (15 calories) compared to the 1/2 cup (150 calories) serving size of rolled oats. Then I found out that Steel cut oats expand a lot during cooking and create just as much if not more volume than a serving of steel cut oats, so I decided to finally give it a try.


I tried them twice and didn’t feel any fuller any longer than when eating rolled oats and since the cooking time is so much longer I think I’ll probably stick with rolled oats.

I’ve also been experimenting some with cabbage


Cabbage sautéed with olive oil and a 1/4 jalapeño pepper, topped with 1/2 cup pinto beans, 1/4 avocado, and 3 ounces slow cooked shredded chicken.

I actually used to hate cabbage with a passion but recently I have been totally loving the flavor. Isn’t it weird how our taste buds can change so much? Its been a really nice alternative to spinach and kale, which I was getting kind of bored with. The only problem is that its been kind of harsh on my tummy, even though it tastes amazing I need to remember to stop combining cabbage and beans.

On the workout side of life things have been going pretty well. I finally feel like I am back on track with my training program. Sunday I got in my first long run in ages. I did 6 miles on the treadmill, 5 all together, bathroom break, and then one last mile.

I know rest is incredibly important to any fitness plan, but recently my rest days haven’t really been working out for me. Since I’ve been in this weird fitness rut, my rest days have been making me feel like I don’t have to workout at all, one day a week was turning into two, then into three and before I knew it my rest days were far outnumbering my workout days.

Enter Active Recovery (light activity that still allows your body to rest and recover from harder workouts) to the rescue

When I first started working out regularly I had a really really hard time dropping the all or nothing attitude, so when I tried adding active recovery into my plan I would almost always end up making it a harder workout than it should have been, and would of course end up exhausted. Now I am finally able to embrace this awesome concept. I’m starting to realize that for me, having active recovery days helps me keep the whole workout schedule and mentality while still letting my body get the rest it needs. When I take a total rest day, for whatever reason lately, its just been totally throwing me off.

Yesterday I did 20 light minutes on the stationary bike, I brought along a book to read to avoid working harder than I really wanted to, and then did a really easy swim in the pool for 15 minutes. It felt so good to move my muscles after a hard run on Sunday and now I feel actually feel ready for my run today instead of dreading it like I have been lately on the day after rest days.

To me the concept of active recovery sounds so simple, its sort of hard not to beat myself up for not accepting it sooner. I sort of feel like duh, you’re probably the only person that’s had an issue with this. But I think that’s my favorite thing about reading blogs, because I’ve learned not to feel dumb about things like this. Everyone has their own fitness hang ups and everyone has their own ways of getting over them 🙂