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This morning I woke up on a total I-slept-hard-as-a-freakin-rock high (Now its almost 4am and I still can’t fall asleep, but eh, what can ya do? so basically any lack of sense can’t be held against me :)). Even better I woke up to actual summer weather. Its honestly been kind of gloomy and chilly around here recently but not today! Today it was all warmth and sunshine, as summer should be 🙂

I was craving a really simply and summery kind of breakfast.


2 dippy eggs, Ezekiel toast, and about half a cantaloupe. I’m not really sure why I consider this a “summer” breakfast, I think it reminds me of family beach week.

I had a really weird experience with my cantaloupe, it wasn’t soft or mushy at all on the outside, but the inside was super duper soft and mushy to the point where I “cut” it up with a spoon. I was actually kind of worried that it was bad and that I shouldn’t eat it. It tasted fine, not super flavorful, but not bad either, so I ate the half at breakfast but ended up tossing the other half because I wasn’t sure if it was going to be ok for another day. I know how to pick a good watermelon, but I’m totally lost when it comes to cantaloupes. Any good tips? Is mushy insides ok or bad?

In other news I’m still on a quest to find fun ways to eat cabbage and I had some really great ideas brewing for lunch today. The problem was that I had too many ideas brewing all at the same time and I couldn’t really pick where I wanted to go with it. Here is what resulted:


Sauté half of a small yellow squash (maybe 1 cup) for a few minutes (until about half cooked) in 1/2 tbsp olive oil. Then add about 2 cups of shredded cabbage along with some salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Allow squash to cook completely and cabbage to cook slightly, softer but still with a good bit of crunch. Plate and top with diced imitation crab.


Everything up until this point was great, but then I thought hey I really love imitation crab with balsamic vinegar, lets throw a bunch of that on there. Bad idea, I don’t think cabbage and balsamic vinegar were meant to be together, maybe its just me. In the end it wasn’t bad or anything, I still ate it, I just wouldn’t really recommend it. As soon as I took the first bite all I could thing of was man, I definitely should have topped this with sesame seeds and soy sauce, that I think would have been seriously good, oh and it definitely needs fresh tomatoes on top too, that would be really great. Hey not all kitchen creations can be hits  but at least this one looked pretty 🙂

Maybe it was because my lunch wasn’t super satisfying, or maybe I was just extra hungry, or maybe I was just extra bored today… who knows… but either way it ended up being one of those super snacky kind of days.


Banana-mango muffin and plain yogurt sandwich. x2.


Dates and peanut butttter. so. freakin. good. I don’t think dates or prunes get the respect they deserve. Actually mostly prunes I think don’t get the respect they deserve, they are delicious, not just for old people and or poo issues.

Plus probably a cliff bar that I totally did not need to eat but was craving a cookie like a mad woman and that was the closest thing I could find here 🙂

Sometime this evening I remembered I had to take a redbox movie back and simultaneously realized that I had absolutely no desire to cook dinner.

IMG_1525 IMG_1524

So basically this found its way home with me. The wine really wasn’t anything to talk about, but the sushi was surprisingly ahhmazing for the grocery store variety. Although, to be fair, it doesn’t take much to impress me when it comes to sushi, I just love the stuff.

What are your ideas of a super summery breakfast?

Any fun stories about recipes that just did not work out?