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Today was a weird day so I’m just gonna skip to the good parts.

I went to the base track today to do a nice and easy 3 mile run. My goal was to run the second 1.5 miles faster than the first and managed to do that by about 20 seconds. I was pretty excited because lately I’ve been slowing down a lot at the end of runs and any sign of running improvement makes me super happy.

I had just one thing on my mind for dinner tonight: Subway.


Turkey Ham Bacon Avocado on 9 grain with all the veggies.

I went in thinking I was just going to get a regular turkey sub, but then saw the glorious Turkey Bacon Avocado sign. Normally subway charges an extra $1 or more for avocado so I jumped at the chance to get it for a normal price. The weird thing was that they were out of turkey (?). I thought that was so weird, but they let me sub ham for turkey without changing the price and it ended up being absolutely delicious. It was probably like a blessing in disguise 🙂 I got a foot long and saved half for tomorrow.

The second best part of my day: Dessert.



Berry Burst Cheerios and Almond Breeze. My mom used to eat cheerios as dessert when I was younger and I just didn’t get it.  Then one day, sometime in high school, I saw the light and never looked back. Love cheerios 🙂

Cereal for dessert anyone?