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Since my birthday is on a Wednesday Navyguy decided that Saturday would be a good day to go out and do some celebrating. We started off the day by going to my favorite running store and picking up some new running kicks.

asics cumulus 12

I decided to go back to my old favorite: Asics Cumulus 12. I had the 10s and then decided to switch to Saucony’s and even though they were a great shoe I just prefer the Asics. The best part about this the running store is that it allows you 60 days to to return the shoes so you can really get a feel for your shoes by actually running in them. Then all the shoes that get returned get sold for a mucho discounted price in a separate store behind the regular store. I was lucky enough to find the exact shoe I was looking for, in my size, and got an extra 20$ off because I bought a shirt an shorts too, so my $99.99 shoes came out to be $34.00!!!  I couldn’t believe it!

After the exciting running store experience, we headed out to one of my never favorite lunch spots in Point Loma: Tender Greens.

Tender Greens

Since it was a celebration and all :), we ordered the cheese platter

tender green cheese plate

I wish I would have taken a picture of the description because I can’t remember what anything was, but rest assured it was all delicious.

weird jam

The dark jam in particular was really interesting, we both thought it tasted like cola!

tender greens tuna nicoise

For my meal I went with the Tuna Nicoise salad. I was pretty surprised when I saw that the tuna was almost completely raw since it was not advertised that way and its not typical of a Nicoise Salad. Luckily I really enjoy a lightly seared tuna and even though it wasn’t what I expected, the rest of the salad was perfect. Crunchy Green Beans, soft and almost buttery potatoes, marinated tomatoes, olives, and the funniest (but tasty) mini hard boiled eggs. I’ve never seen such tiny eggs before!

blue potato

It even had blue potatoes!  I think its pretty safe to say that I am in love with Tender Greens. The only downside is that the service isn’t really amazing but its one of those places where you order your food at the counter, pick it up and pay, and then seat yourself, so honestly they service isn’t a really big deal.

One of the really great things about this Tender Greens is that its right next door to a Trader Joe’s. We do most of our grocery shopping at the commissary on base to save money, but its pretty much your typical grocery store so it doesn’t really carry anything nearly as exciting as Trader Joe’s does.  We did really well though and didn’t get carried away, I think we managed to keep our goodie hunting to right around $20.

sunflowerseed butter

My fun pick was Sunflower Seed Butter

pretzels pretzels a la sunflowerseed butter

which was an excellent pre-run snack with some pretzels. I think I would prefer it if it weren’t sweetened, but I still really like it and can’t wait to experiment with some fun sauces.

I had a really great 6 mile treadmill run, I brought back the walk break (4 min to 1 min) and actually reduced my 6 mile time by almost 3 minutes. When I first started running I started with running 3 minutes walking 2 and gradually moved towards running up to 9 minutes and walking 1. By that point I was up to and over 8 miles and really started to hate the walk breaks because once my legs stopped running they did not want to start running again. I not really sure where I stand with walk breaks anymore because last nights run was really. really great compared with other recent runs.

After running all I wanted was something quick and super filling and Navy guy wanted pizza so we pulled out the pitas.

pits pizzas

Kat Pizza- Right, Navy Pizza – Left

spinach pizza

I topped my whole wheat pita with tomato sauce, lots of spinach, about 1 tbsp of broken hazelnuts, some red pepper flakes, a drizzle of vinaigrette leftover from Tender Greens, and an ounce of goat cheese.  Spinach, Hazelnuts, and Goat Cheese is seriously good, try it.

spinach pizza and watermelon 

I had my pizza with a bunch of watermelon…

witch creek wine

and some wine 🙂

We finished up the night by watching The Blind Side (which I thought was really great) and hitting the hay early. It was a great birthday/Saturday!