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Yesterday morning I had an amazing breakfast courtesy of the brilliant mind over at Lowandbhold.


Peanut Butter and Mango Sandwich. I used sunflower seed butter and grilled it and it was amazing. seriously genius.


With cherries on the side.

My goal for the morning was to just relax and veg out and I succeeded. I may have even taken a nap 🙂



Chicken, Spinach, tomato sauce, and avocado pita pocket with tortilla chips.


I like to put chips into my sandwiches, it all started with pb&j and potato chips when I was little, then I progressed to tuna salad sandwiches with doritos… now a slightly healthier alternative – grilled chicken and blue corn tortilla chips 🙂

In the name of my birthday I convinced Navyguy to go to the mall to go shopping, see a movie, and go to dinner. Its been so long since I’ve just gone shopping just for the hell of it and I had a blast. NY&CO  was having a great sale, I got a few shirts and some shorts for 7.99 a piece! We also got some fun stuff for our new place that we might be moving to soon 🙂

For dinner we headed over to Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza (I know, shocking, right?) A) because we had a coupon, B) because I have a special place picked out for my actual birthday. But since we were still celebrating we decided to order a little differently than usual (Usual being that I order something with some kind of veggies and Navy guy gets pizza) and order a bunch of fun things to share.


Mini Duck Tacos


The best Mac and Cheese ever


A rather large glass of Chianti. Question: Is it pronounced “Chi-anti” or “Qi-anti” ?


My plate x 2


4 Cheese Pizza


Mini (Freaking) Donuts


they were warm and crispy and worth every last greasy calorie.

I came home and put me and my food baby to sleep. Thank you Navy guy for an awesome Birthday Weekend!!!!