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My yogurt bowl yesterday did not hold me over for very long so I started searching through my kitchen for something to eat.


I started with a tortilla and cheese stick


Then added a bunch of spinach and horseradish mustard.


That sucker was spicy! I definitely overdid it with the mustard.

I was still hungry later so I pulled out the sun butter


Or maybe I was just craving some sun butter…

We ended up grabbing dinner at Luna Grill because we were super low on groceries and in a rush.


Fatoush Salad: Romaine, cucumber, tomato, herbs, mint, and feta cheese.


Falafel! I had 2 and about half the salad and was totally stuffed.

Then I headed over to airport to pick up my lovely friend Sarah and proceeded to get the surprise of a lifetime… Seriously I think I’ve only genuinely been surprised a handful of times and this definitely took the cake. so I pulled up to the airport and there was Sarah, I get out of the car, say Hi, put her luggage in the car and then out of no where this crazy lady pops out!


Natalie! Also a good high school friend and my college roomie 🙂

And now birthday festivities are about to begin

Oh yea and this is what I had for breakfast..


And NOW birthday festivities…