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Yesterday  was birthday number 23! I only had one request for the day and that was to go to Onami, the best sushi buffet ever!


Plate one: philidelphia roll, spicy tuna, purple rice veggie, plus one unknown, albacore tuna, salmon, cornbread, and portabella mushroom.

I love sushi buffets because I love trying all the different kinds rather than getting a whole roll or 2 of one kind. The only thing is that I love sushi and everything at Onami is delicious so portion control is out of this world difficult. I always leave painfully full so we only go once or twice a year, always for my birthday 🙂


Plate two: 2 mini tuna rolls, some fancy avocado roll, another spicy tuna roll, spicy crab, fried noodles, spicy bean noodle salad, and tempura mango shrimp on a stick.


suicide chocolate cake. ‘cause you know, everyone has to have cake on their birthday.


dessert + another chocolate strawberry and some green tea ice cream… yea, I pretty much had to be rolled out. It was everything I dreamed of 🙂

This morning I woke up still full (or maybe just bloated) from the night before. Once I got hungry I was craving something simple and full of fruits and veggies.


1 egg, 2 egg whites, mushrooms, yellow squash


and cherries on the side.

Plans for today include Bernardo Winery, Mexican food, and the beach! Apparently my friends thing that its acceptable to celebrate my birthday all week and I’m not complaining 🙂