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Is it really Wednesday already? Was the last time I posted really July 22? The past week had been such a whirlwind, I honestly don’t even know where to begin. I had an absolutely amazing time having my old friends visiting. At the risk of sounding totally cheesy, I sort of feel like my soul is recharged or something.


We went to Vegas


Spent the night in Paris 😉

IMG_1797 IMG_1787

IMG_1869  IMG_1850


We went on an amazing brunch cruise


We went to the beach.


We drank wine, we drank too much in general, stayed up way too late, watched the entire first season of Glee (volume 1), ate amazing food, and generally just enjoyed being back together again. I am a little sad that life has to go back to normal, but I missed blogging and my body could certainly use a few more veggies, a few more trips to the gym, a few more hours of sleep,  and a lot less of those adult beverages.

I’ll be back later with a fun recipe and some thought on marathon training. Can’t wait to get caught up with everyone!