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Yesterday was a really fun and jam packed day. I had no inspiration for breakfast, leftover pancakes, cottage cheese that needed to get finished, and no fresh fruit. Some random combos really come together and then some are just odd, breakfast definitely went into the odd category.

If it looks kind of funny and odd tasting…


(2 leftover pancakes, cottage cheese remains, sun butter).. then it probably is.

For lunch we decided to hit up our apt complex’s summer BBQ since we were already over at the leasing office to end out lease ( we are officially moving soon!!). We were pretty excited to go since we won pretty big at last years raffle (dinner for 2 at chipotle AND a free carpet cleaning).

If it looks totally void of fruit or veggies…IMG_1905



… then it probably is… wait I think salsa counts as a veggie… right?

It might not have been the healthiest lunch, but it was delicious (hello sesame seed bun!). Normally I would have opted for the veggie burger but they were all out and honestly, I have been really enjoying eating real beef lately. We actually went home with another raffle win (crazy because Navyguy and I never win anything, with the exception of this raffle, weird), $50 certificate to Furniture Heaven, which is a really cool place that sells furniture that was used to show in model homes.

After lunch we went out to see Inception and had dinner. Dinner actually included a lot of veggies but sadly I have no proof. We also had froyo, played some high quality video games, and went to a midnight comedy show.

Today we’re taking it a lot easier and hitting up that looooong run. Positive thoughts. Positive thoughts. I can run 10 miles. I CAN run 10 miles.