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After staying up until after 2am the night before I didn’t end up rolling out of bed until after 10am on Sunday. Sleeping in = key part of a perfect Sunday morning right? :). I knew I wasn’t going to get up early so I had already planned to do my run in the evening after the sun had cooled down.

One of my favorite things about running in the evening is not having to worry about what I eat for breakfast. I kept things simple and bacon loving..


Mushroom, dippy egg, and turkey bacon sammie on a sandwich thin with cherries.

We had a few errands to run yesterday and I wasn’t sure how long we’d be out so I made sure to have a running friendly lunch just in case we got done early.


1 orange and a sun butter and jelly sandwich.


I used my pouchie to take the sandwich on the go. (I don’t think Pouchies has a website. Don’t go to pouchies.com apparently its a men’s clothing store?)

   IMG_1914 IMG_1913

We ended up staying out a lot longer than I had anticipated so I made a Starbucks pit stop for a plain old coffee and some snackage. I very well maybe have picked this snack box just for the chance to try Justin’s nut butter 🙂 (I’ve only heard great things about it but can’t find it anywhere) I ended up eating the egg, bread, and apple. Gave the grapes and cheese to NavyGuy and saved the nut butter.

I’d say the biggest downside to running later is tied between the mid-afternoon 3pm slump and having all day to talk yourself out of going. I usually have a pretty strict “No coffee after 12pm” rule, but I was willing to break that rule around 3pm yesterday when I felt my energy drooping. I always drink coffee before morning runs so it just made sense. My strategy to keep myself from backing out is all about pumping up the run and thinking about it in the most positive ways possible. Even if the feelings are totally fake, I keep telling myself things like:

  • I am excited to go on this run
  • This run is going to be great
  • I have been working hard and I’m totally ready to tackle this run
  • I am going to feel awesome after I’m done.
  • 10 miles, that’s nothing, I’ve done it before and I can do it again.
  • Anything to push out the negative/downer/I can’t/don’t feel like it thoughts
    Once I got home I immediately changed, packed the necessities, filled up my camelbak (first time trying one!) and headed right back out the door. The plan was 10 miles out and back on a nice flat area that follows along the harbor.
    I gave myself a 10 minute window for a finishing time to take the pressure off keeping a strict pace. My biggest goal for this run was to just finish and with a good attitude.The run started off pretty slow, but still within the finishing window pace, so I tried to ignore the time and just find a groove. Mile 2 was slightly faster and by mile 3 I felt like I found a good pace that I could stick with.

Right before mile 4 I took a Jet Blackberry flavored GU (forgot to take a pic). Since I had a really strong coffee before the run I decided not to have a GU with added caffeine.

**Warning: Poop/ TMI Talk**

Ok so honestly, a lot of runners have a lot of issues with poop and running. I have always considered myself to be extremely lucky because I had never experienced the mid run “runs”. I’ve had GU during runs before with no problem so I’m not sure if it was the extra coffee before the run, something I ate from the starbucks snack box, or maybe it was that I haven’t run more than 6 miles since February… I have no idea. But not 2 minutes after taking that GU I was having some serious intestinal cramping and ran the fastest mile of the whole run straight to the nearest bathroom.

After the pit stop I was feeling a lot better but started taking .1 mile walk breaks for every mile after that. Around mile 7 I had a few cliff shot blocks. I didn’t feel as much energy from those as with the GU, but I also didn’t need to find a bathroom either.  Around mile 8 I audibly grunted up the only hill in the run haha and I didn’t run out of water until about mile 9.5, so the camelbak worked out great.

After hitting mile 10 I walked for about 10 minutes and did a lot of stretching. I really forgot what it felt like to run for 2 hours!

IMG_1919 IMG_1921

Navyguy and I were both craving Vons sandwiches for dinner and since it was on the way home there was really no question. I got a Tuscan Chicken (chicken, artichoke hearts, mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, and red onions, toasted on split top pesto bread) and a Naked juice (tropical smoothie with coconut water). My stomach was upset but I still managed to inhale both on these items.

I really think the positive self talk is what really made this run work. Me a year ago definitely would have called it quits after the bathroom break.  Me a year ago also probably would have gotten really discouraged by the walk breaks too.

What’s your best strategy for getting through a long or tough workout? Do you use positive self talk or do you think its cheesy?