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It’s finally official!

At the end of this month we will be moving from San Diego to Charleston, SC! We’ve been waiting to find out about this move for over 7 months now. I’m relieved, a little anxious, but mostly very excited. The best part of the whole deal is that we’ll be able to drive! A cross country road trip has sort of always been one of those things I’ve dreamed of doing, but never really thought would happen. We’re still in the baby phases of planning and logistics but hopefully I’ll be able to blog about the whole experience.

Right now I’m mostly focusing on job hunting, house hunting, and eating down the freezer and pantry. The goal is to only buy the fresh essentials (fruits, veggies, eggs, milk etc.) from now until the move. Throwing away some food will probably be inevitable, but I want to waste as little as possible.

Things haven’t been very creative around here, I have to admit,  I was sort of feeling a little stuck in a creativity rut. It happens. But hopefully its turning around, now, maybe. hopefully 🙂

Recap of the past couple of days: Sunday was the first long run of training, which went surprisingly great. Monday I expected to be starrrrving but was shockingly less hungry than usual. Yesterday it finally hit, I was a hungry monster all day long.  Ah Running, you do crazy things to me. Basically my eats have sort of been random and all over the place so I’m just gonna post some of my favs from the past couple of days and then move on 🙂

Fav breakfast:



Greek yogurt, oats, chia seeds, blueberries and strawberries. Bonus: no clean up! 🙂

Fav Lunch:



BLT salad

  • 2 cups shredded romaine
  • shredded carrot
  • grape tomatoes
  • turkey bacon
  • mushrooms sautéed in the bacon pan
  • yogurt ranch dressing

Not-so-fav-dinner: I was really craving chinese and was not in the mood too cook at all so I decided to try Pei Wei for the first time.


I went the Mandarin Kung Pao Beef with brown rice. The flavors and textures were really great, but sadly it was just way to salty. I mean I expect sky high sodium from just about any restaurant /take out, but even Navy guy (who – no  joke- puts salt on his Ramen Noodles) thought it was too salty. I’d be willing to give it another chance though, I think it had to have been some kind of mistake.

As far as training goes:

Monday: 40 minute walk

Tuesday: 3 mile treadmill run

Tonight: Spin Class!!

I’m off to job hunt and try to come up with something for dinner. Any suggestions for kidney beans??