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Yesterday I had the best idea for dinner, I prepped everything, threw it all in the crock pot and went back to doing work excited and even a little smug (I was really proud of my idea). Well about 2 hours later I got to check and make sure its doing what I hope it will and realize that I turned on the crock pot, but never plugged it in. Fail.

Navyguy distracted me with a coupon for a pizza place we’d never tried before and I did not argue.


I’ve heard really good things about Pizza Fusion before and was happy to try pizza outside of our beloved Sammy’s.


The place was cute, very friendly, and they offered free parking (a miracle downtown). My only complaint was that it was honestly a little dirty. I had to wipe a ton of crumbs off my seat and at some point I leaned on something (the window silly maybe) and came back with black junk/dust/dirt on my hand. Maybe it was just the window area that was dirty, but it is a pizza place so I was planning on eating with my hands..

We ordered the dip trio to start off with because we were starrrrving.


Flatbread, marinara, olive olive/balsamic vinegar, and olive tapenade. Between the two of us (maybe a little more me) we demolished that flat bread. I can’t be sure but I’m speculating that there was crack in the balsamic vinegar. Just speculating. I have never tasted vinegar so good and I’m kicking myself for not asking what brand  it was!

We both decided to create our own pizzas


Mine had mozzarella, provolone, and parmesan cheese (the standard), on multigrain crust, and was topped with artichoke hearts, crimini mushrooms, and arugula.


I also ended up sprinkling the rest of the olive tapenade on top :). It was so good! I’m really loving pizza with uncooked greens on top, it really gives it a fresh taste and feel. I felt like I was eating a fancy flatbread rather than a typical greasy pizza.

Overall I really liked Pizza Fusion, but if I ever went again I would probably try to go to another location hoping that it was cleaner.

I had a doc appointment today and woke up a tad late so breakfast was super quick.


I tried some new-to-me yogurt that I had a coupon for. I usually go for 2% plain yogurt, but I could not pass up discounted greek yogurt. mmmmmm greek yogurt.


I added it to the usual berries and oats combo. Honestly once everything was mixed up I couldn’t tell the difference between plain and vanilla, and since greek yogurt is amazing I didn’t miss the fat either. My only real worry was that I’d get hungry way earlier since fat usually helps me stay fuller longer, but that didn’t end up being a problem at all, score!

The actual doc appointment was on time, quick, and painless. When it comes to Navy doctors, I’ve had some great ones and some ones I want to sock in the face, but I have to admit at least things are quick and on time. I really appreciate that since prior to the Navy I thought waiting and hour or more past your appointment time was standard. Unfortunately a 2 hour wait is pretty standard at the pharmacy, which I completely forgot about so I was unprepared when I came home for lunch suuuper hungry.

Unprepared meaning I totally forgot I had delicious leftover pizza and instead threw together this random assortment…


Leftover brown rice, kidney beans, avocado, tomato, shredded chicken, and sesame seeds. It wasn’t bad at all, and I’m glad I didn’t let the rice go to waste, but I kicked myself a little bit when I realized I forgot about that yummy pizza.

Snack has been the same yesterday and today. I was in the market for a new granola bar and made an impulse buy at the grocery store yesterday: Kashi Pumpkin Pecan Fruit and Grain bar.


They are way smaller than I was expecting and the flavor is a little too sweet and a little too meh. They did absolutely nothing for my hunger so I started eating 2 at a time which basically makes it comparable to eating a cliff bar.

I’m off to finish up the dinner that we should have had last night, yea I figured out how to actually plug the crock pot in 🙂