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This picture is making me want to eat breakfast all over again…


Today’s yogurt: Plain low fat greek, blueberries, and a crumbled cinnamon muffin. Drool.

I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that lunch was once of those grazing kind of meals rather than a “put it on a plate and actually enjoy it” kind of meal. I’ve got a bunch of leftovers and couldn’t decide what I actually wanted so I just picked at a lots of different things. On the bright side I realized that I used to do eat like that a lot in my pre-blogging days. Blogging has really encouraged me to actually sit down and enjoy my meals, which I think is a much happier and healthier way to eat.

Sometime after “lunch” I decided to snack on a “bowl” of watermelon.


It was one of those teeny watermelons so I just cut it up and ate it straight out of the rind. Finding ways to cut back on dirty dishes is always exciting 🙂


I guess I was still in the grazing mindset because I had a really hard time deciding on what to have for dinner. Basically I wanted a little taste of just about everything in the fridge.

I was determined to pick something, actually put it on a plate/bowl, and sit down to eat it.


I still couldn’t really decide on one thing, so I just sort of went with it and threw what I wanted into a bowl. The results: 1/2 cup leftover lentils, 1/2 cup brown rice, and 2 scrambled eggs. All topped with a little bit of pepper and some soy sauce. I agree, it looks a little shady, but it actually tasted great.

I was still hungry after eating dinner so I decided to have some bread and (peanut) butter.


which then turned into 2… with jelly… so basically I had a PB&J. Man long runs really make me hungry the day after!

After feeling so exhausted and out of it yesterday I was expecting not to feel all that great today. Luckily whatever was bringing me down must have been cured by a good nights sleep because I felt strong and full of energy today. I actually hit up the gym for some weights for the first time in months(??) today. I busted out 9 upper body and core moves, all 3 sets of 8-12, in about 30 minutes.


Later on Navyguy and I headed over to our local park for some “Fun Tennis” aka we don’t follow any of the actual rules of tennis, we just have fun and move around a lot. I’m probably one of the least competitive people on the planet so I really enjoy taking the pressure off and making it just about having fun and getting exercise. I may miss the ball completely and serve straight to the net, but at least I’m getting exercise right?

How competitive are you? Are there some games you like to play just for fun or is it always for the win?