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I tried to write a post yesterday but my brain (and body) was totally fried. Let’s try this again…

Sunday morning I woke up bright and early, well at least for a Sunday, to tackle my first even morning long run. I turned on the coffee pot and toasted up a quick and  easy to digest breakfast.


PB&J on sandwich thin & coffee with almond milk.

My goal was to make it out the door less than an hour after waking up. Eventually I want to work my way down to getting out the door in 20-30 minutes, but currently morning exercise makes me think sad thoughts so I figure I’d ease myself into it.

Once I made it out the door (on time – yes!) I was kind of a little nervous for the run actually. I was pretty sleepy, not as hydrated as I wanted to be, and still pretty stiff and sore from Thursday’s too fast 5 miler. I tried to pump myself up but thoughts of cutting the planned 11 miles down to 8 or 9 kept creeping in.

At mile 3 I was feel very tight and starting to cramp so I decided to stop, stretch, and start some major pep talking. I told myself that its OK to walk, and its definitely OK to take breaks, its OK that I’m feeling sore and tight and that I wasn’t being a slacker if I need to take it easier today.

At mile 4 I took my first non-fruity flavored GU


It tasted SO GOOD! Seriously, just like a peppermint patty or mint chocolate chip ice cream. I was walking at that point though and I’m not so sure that I’d be able to stomach something so decadent tasting if I was really hauling my behind. On the bright side though, I did not experience the need to beeline it to the nearest public pooing facility – major win in my book!

Overall I slowed down a good bit compared with last week, I stopped and stretched every couple of miles, drank way too much way to quickly during the run, and ended up finishing 9.5 miles instead of 11.

 2 Important Lessons Learned:

  1. When finishing up a tough run I will not have the resolve to run past the car and then back to finish up the last 1.5 miles. I will see that car and run for it and all the glorious water it holds inside 🙂
  2. Morning running requires serious hydration efforts all day long the day before. Not just the night before (because I will have to wake up 3 times during the night for the potty) and not the morning of.

In the end I was happy. I actually got up early and got out the door on time. I was sore and tired but I still went out there with a positive attitude. Most of all I never felt like I quit. Sure I didn’t finish the entire distance, but not because I gave up, more because I needed to change my plans based on how I felt that day (aka sore and dehydrated!).

Navyguy then suggested the perfect post run meal:


Froyo! Good mix of protein and carbs right? well at least that’s what I’m telling myself. I tried to make sure at least half my bowl was fruit (strawberry, kiwi, and banana), the other half was plain tart and coconut chocolate truffle flavor (the best flavor ever!!) with granola on top.

Once we were home I iced the sore spots, used the foam roller, and hit the sack for the worlds best nap ever. The only problem was that I couldn’t fall asleep. Every time I started to fall asleep I would make this really small almost snore sound that would wake myself up. It was definitely weird, but things only got weirder. I started to feel really exhausted and cranky and wanted nothing but lentils (??).


1.5 cups of water, 1 cup of lentils, 1/2 large carrot diced, some leftover kidney beans, garlic powder, cumin, and lots of black pepper. Simmer for about 20 minutes. It makes a lot and they look a lot prettier if you don’t let them sit in the pot too long, like I did :).

I was a total scatter brain and a total Oscar the grouch for the rest of the day. Don’t mess with my naps weird little snore sounds! On the bright side I slept like a rock last night and feel great today aaand this Monday is flying by! I can’t believe its already lunch time.