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Yesterday was a pretty boring day in the land of eating. I started off with crack honey bars for breakfast


Navyguy got into this strange baking mood the other day and wanted to surprise me with something :). They are so.freaking.good. No promises but he might do a post of his own about how he made them (I wasn’t allowed in the kitchen lol).

For the past week or so I’ve been blaming marathon training on my ferocious appetite and constant snacking, and while I’m sure that is affecting my hunger, I’m starting to think there might be something else going on too. Over the past couple of days I’ve definitely noticed a pattern. It usually starts around lunch time when I’m not really sure what I want to eat…


I end up snacking on something small (like a veggie burger or leftover lentils), but never really put together a solid “meal”.

I go hit the gym or go for a run (4 miles of hills yesterday), and then come home dehydrated and hungry. I’ve already had “lunch” so I start to snack.



IMG_2036 IMG_2037

I’m still hungry by the time dinner rolls around so I start picking while I’m cooking (or in the case of last night, I devour the bread basket).


I start to think about how much snacking I’ve done so I try to plan a light dinner, but then just an hour or so later I’m hungry again, so I keep snacking after dinner. (note: there are a lot of unpictured snacks going on).

Normally I aim for 3 good sized meals, all about the same calorie wise, along with 1-3 smaller but balance snacks depending on my hunger levels. Recently though, my meals have gone down a lot in size and my snacks have become smaller and less balanced. The crazy thing is that I am 100% sure I am eating more with the smaller meals and snacks because I never feel completely satisfying.

I’m not so much worried about gaining weight as I am just sick of being constantly hungry and tired. My goal is to be more mindful when it comes to planning my meals rather than giving into the “I don’t know what I feel like eating, I’ll just pick/graze” mindset.

There are so many different eating styles out there, people who advocate 3 square meals and limited snack, people who swear by eating 5-6 small meals a day. I personally don’t think that there is one right or healthy way to eat. I’ve found a style of eating that works for me and as long as its filled with healthful and nutritious foods, well, I think that’s what’s really important.