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I made sure to really pay attention to my meals today. I didn’t plan anything out in advanced or anything, but I made sure to beef them up a little bit in hopes of cutting down on the mindless snacking.

I had a really exciting morning and completely forgot to snap a pic at breakfast. It was pretty much the usual lately: fruit, yogurt, some oats, and some seeds, but today I also threw in a spoonful of sun butter to pump up the cals a little bit.

For lunch I had a loaded salad that was beefed up with… beef.


In the mix: Romaine, yellow squash, green bell pepper, mushrooms, more leftover lentils, beef, and hummus.



I tried, but this was just not a photogenic salad. I think generally meat just isn’t very photogenic. I mean sometimes it can take a good picture, but things like peppers, tomatoes, bright squashes, carrots, and salmon, those guys always look good in their pictures.

I snacked on some PopChips after lunch


I’ve gotten a few free samples of PopChips at races and really liked them but I tend to avoid buying “chip” type snacks because I am a serious salty snacker. These guys did not last long. Luckily there were only 3 servings in the bag.

For accountability sake I also grabbed a few handfuls of tortilla chips and some broke off a few pieces of honey bars throughout the afternoon. I’m still getting a huge urge to snack but its getting better.

Dinner wasn’t very well planned because to be quite honest I didn’t really care what the main part of dinner was because I only had one thing on my mind.


I threw together a stir fry with leftover veggies from lunch combined with carrots, orange peel and shrimp.

But the real star this evening was the FRENCH FRY CRUMBLE remake .




I don’t think I’ve stopped thinking about the french fry crumble from Luna Grill since we had it on Saturday. I made a batch of baked sweet potato fries and topped it with a good squirt of lemon, feta cheese, and oregano. I thought I might be slightly disappointed since it wasn’t actually made with French Fries, but it was still incredible. Its definitely the lemon/feta/oregano combo that makes it. Try the combo, seriously, on anything! Its amazing.

After dinner snack:

IMG_2070Gotta love a good beer on a summer evening right?

Back to my exciting morning, have you ever heard of Lawn Bowling? Well Navyguy thought it would be pretty sweet to get lessons..



We may have been the youngest ones there by about 30 years, but it was a blast.  This post is already way too long though and I think the lawn bowling adventure deserves a full post of its own.