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I think I’m finally over my yogurt for breakfast kick. Today I went for an old favorite stanby: Eggo waffles and eggs!


I totally see my breakfast giving me the kissy face. Do you see it? (or have I completely lost it?) You know the kissy face..

Everyone has a kissy face picture on facebook somewhere right?

The egg/waffle/fruit combo usually holds be over until lunch but today I was hungry only 2 hours later. I blame the 12 mile run yesterday.


I decided not to fight the hunger and had some blueberries, greek yogurt, and cheerios.  Apparently this did the trick because I didn’t get hungry again until after 3pm. I think this is the first Monday since  starting marathon training that I haven’t tried to eat everything in sight all day. Maybe I did a better job of refueling yesterday.

So I ended up having an awkward late lunch early dinner?


Turkey, havarti cheese, yellow squash, lettuce, and horseradish mustard wrap.


With mushrooms, green peppers, and red pepper hummus on the side.


This all totally hit the spot! The bell pepper was perfectly crisp and just a tad sweet and the yellow squash really made the wrap stand out from the typical turkey and cheese. Definitely made up for the lackluster salads I’ve been having recently.

I ended up snacking on tortilla chips later in the evening and called that dinner. Good thing I got my veggies in earlier right? Although I am of the firm belief that salsa counts as a veggie 🙂

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