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I was a bit of a homebody this weekend. After having so many visitors back to back and with the big cross country move coming up, I’m trying to soak up all the down time I can. Besides sometimes its just nice to sit around and enjoy not doing much of anything.


I still have a ton of sausage in my freezer so I’m slowly trying to work my way though that. It tastes amazing, but really isn’t the healthiest stuff. For breakfast I switched a few things up to help balance things out.


Egg whites instead of whole eggs, flat out wrap (using up the freezer!!) instead of higher calorie bread, and some veggies (because that helps everything right?).

I guess I didn’t take a picture of lunch and honestly, I completely forgot what I ate haha.

For dinner I tried to take my new favorite combo – feta, lemon, oregano – work in a different way.


Romaine, tomato, feta, lemon juice, oregano, and salt.


It was beautiful, but tasted kind of crappy. I think it was the lettuce though, all my salads from this batch of romaine have been pretty bitter. The tomato was also pretty bland. I think I’ll definitely have to try this one again, maybe with some roasted potato in the mix? Now that sounds tasty.

Dinner was on the light side because while I was grocery shopping this crazy craving for good crusty bread hit and I listened.I grabbed the smallest, crustiest loaf I could find and snacked on it on the way home.


Fun Story: The bakery at the commissary finally removed the hydrogenated oils (trans fats) from at least most of the breads. Some kind of hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil used to be in every single thing sold at the bakery despite a huge sign that said everything in the bakery was Trans Fat Free. Trans fats are one of the only things I try to avoid completely so when I wanted crusty bread I’d usually have to go to another store. It was a very, very exciting day haha 🙂

I also had a serving or two of these


Which totally made up for the lackluster dinner. I love tortilla chips and salsa!





The only thing that really happened yesterday was a morning 12 miler and some champion napping. It was my first solo long run so I was pretty nervous before hand but it turned out pretty good. I’ll do a full recap later, my computer is acting pretty shady right now.

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend 🙂