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  • This Sunday was my first solo long run. Usually Navyguy runs with me (he’s training for the marathon too), but since we won’t be running the marathon together and he runs normally runs a lot faster than I do we both knew it would be a good idea to get in some solo long runs.

    I got up bright dim and early and ate a quick pre-run breakfast


    Sandwich thin with pb and honey and black coffee. I actually liked the black coffee a lot better than with the normal almond milk.

    Its only my second time running in the AM but I feel like I’m starting to get used to it. I already love not having to plan the whole day around when I’m going to run since its already done and the cooler temps are a huge bonus.

    The start of the run was downright cold!


    It was only about 60ish maybe when I got to the beach and there was a slight drizzle. Stepping out of the car was a shock, but I knew I’d appreciate the climate once I got started so I just went for it.

    The goal was to finish 12 miles between 2:24 and 2:36. My game plan was to take a walk break every 3 miles, mentally trying to break the run up into 4 separate 3 mile runs.

    I had half an energy gel at every 3 mile break with whatever was left of the second one sporadically throughout the last 3 miles.

    IMG_2120 IMG_2121

    Having only half a time really helped keep my stomach settled, I had no cramping or potty urges at all this time. I was semi worried about switching to caffeinated gels because I thought it might bring on some urgent potty breaks, but happily they did not :). I really liked the extra oomph from the caffeine.

    The first 9 miles actually went by super fast (at least mentally ;)). The sun never came out, the misting rain was really refreshing, and other than that I don’t really remember anything significant. The last 3 miles was really where it got tough, I wasn’t really feeling any kind of boost from the gel and I wasn’t running by the water any more. That was the only point during the run when I thought it would have been nice to have some music (I don’t usually bring any on long runs). But soon enough it was over and I was pretty darn happy and proud, that was the longest I’d run by myself by at least 5 miles. I ended up finishing in about 2:27, I figured that without someone to pace me I’d slow down but I actually finished at the exact same pace as the first 10 mile run.

    After every long run so far I’ve said “hey I really think it would be good for me to take an ice bath” but every time I chicken out. After this run my knees were really achy and I was just determined to try, even if I didn’t last 2 minutes, I wanted to try.


    I rallied all the ice, bundled up my upper body, and made a hot cup of tea. I know a lot of people recommend setting everything up and then just getting in, but I was wayyyy to chicken for that. I wanted to get in first and then fill the tub up.


    It worked at first, but the water started getting really warm. Apparently our tub only believes in warm baths, which normally would be perfectly OK by me, I mean really who wants a cold bath? Win for a regular bath, Fail for the ice bath.

    I ended up getting a decent ice bath for my feet, calves, and ankles, so it wasn’t a total fail. I think I’ll be less chicken next time around, it really wasn’t all that bad.

    Have you ever tried an ice bath?