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Things are finally starting to come around over here. I think we’ve figured out all the computer stuff, the internet situation is still a little wonky, but not really a problem. I would do a recap, but honestly things have been pretty boring. I did have a veggie burger one morning for breakfast… but I think its best to just move on :).

Training wise last week was supposed to be a “step down” week, basically a lower mileage week with a shorter long run. I welcomed the down time and recovery with big wide open arms. Actually, I welcomed it a little too openly and decided with the extra stress of everything going on to really take it down a notch for the week. I only ran a handful of miles and never got in a long run. In the grand scheme of things taking the week off won’t really affect my training and I really appreciated the rest 🙂

I had a lot scheduled for today so I got up at 6:30am to hit the gym for a run, I knew if I put it off for the afternoon I’d just end up skipping another run. I planned on running 8 but ran out of time and ended up with 7 miles. I stepped up the pace a little bit and actually felt pretty good the whole time. It was really nice to go into a run with totally fresh legs!

Pre-run I had the usual coffee with some toast slathered in honey:IMG_2209

I sort of cut it close time wise so after the run I hit the shower and basically had to  run right out the door


I grabbed a random Odwalla bar I had sitting around and ate it in the car. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t amazing either and about an hour later my tummy was grumbling.

Ok now onto the exciting stuff…

Over the next we leading up to the move I will basically be trying to squeeze in all of the things I want to do in San Diego before leaving. Probably about a year ago I did a little researching for good places in the area to get massages. I picked out a place based on some really awesome yelp reviews and got Navyguy a gift certificate for his birthday. For whatever reason it got pushed to the side and sort of forgotten about until the other day when Navy surprised me by taking the day off and scheduling us both appointments.


I have to admit I was pretty nervous at first. I knew it would feel amazing, but there was something about the idea of undressing and letting a stranger touch me that put me off a little bit. I know that I shouldn’t have felt that way, but I was still nervous.


The whole atmosphere in Zen Sanctuary was extremely calming and everyone was very nice and welcoming. I felt sort of strange taking pictures in such a relaxing and serene environment so I just focused on enjoying the experience instead. It only took me a few minutes to relax and get comfortable. Before I knew it the whole thing was over and I felt ahhhmazing.

I really liked how they took the time to get to know you a little bit, figuring out what parts of your body might be out of balance. I made sure to mention marathon training and I think my legs are pretty happy about that :).  I don’t have any other massage experience to compare this to, but I’d say Zen Sanctuary is a great place and would definitely recommend it.

When we left we noticed that right next door was a wine lounge that had just happen to open right as we were walking by.


It was fate. Obviously.

We went in just to look around at the wines, but it turns out that they actually have a really great lunch menu. It didn’t take much to convince either of us to stay. Navy guy decided to get the white flight and I went with the reds.




This was my first time trying Pinot Noir and I loved all 3 of them. I’ve been slow getting into reds, I started only really liking Shiraz but now I feel like I like almost any red. All 3 of the Pinot Noir’s were great.


For lunch I went with the tomato, mozzarella, and basil sandwich.


Isn’t it pretty?


It tasted just as amazing as it looked. Its been awhile since I’ve had really good real mozzarella and not part-skim mozzarella. It was so creamy and rich. I loved it, but actually ended up eating the second half with out most of the cheese. The tomato, basil, olive oil combo was amazing all on its own.

I had more plans for the afternoon, but when I got home I laid down for “just a minute” and accidentally passed the heck out :). Relaxing massage + wine + good food = serious nap 🙂

Have you ever gotten a massage?  were you nervous/would you be?