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Ahhhhhhhh <– Big sigh of relief.


This is what is currently outside my window.  

Yesterday was the big move day, our apartment is all packed up and currently on its way to Charleston, South Carolina. Its been a pretty hectic past couple of days and since Navyguy isn’t actually allowed to leave San Diego for another day we decided to find a nice relaxing place to stay.


There are tons of great places to stay in San Diego and even more amazing things to do, but all I really wanted was a place where I could sort of just unwind and recharge. We’re staying pretty much in the middle of nowhere, but honestly its so perfect right now.

Even though I had a long day yesterday and didn’t get to bed until pretty late, I woke up early naturally and decided to head up to the gym for a quick workout.




For whatever reason running has not been going well for me recently. Its probably a combo of stress, anxiety, and lack of sleep, but my legs have felt like lead and my energy level has been close to zero. I tried to run again this morning and it just wasn’t working out so I just did some walking instead followed up by some upper body weights. This running rut is a little frustrating, I only managed to run 3.5 miles instead of 14 this weekend, but I honestly feel like my body is trying to tell me something. I have to keep reminding myself that one week isn’t going to make or break my marathon training and I think that in the long run its better to listen to my body rather than run myself into the ground mentally or physically.

Right now my main focus is to just relax and re-energize.



Now its time to find some breakfast.

What do you do to re-energize?