Take 2… Somehow I just lost this whole post. It was a pretty emotional post and I’m just not really sure if I can recreate the whole thing.

Basically something unfortunate happened in our family during our trip last week and I’ve had a really hard time coping and accepting it. There have been many, many times when my mind just feels blank and I don’t know what to say in a post. Recently, I felt for the first time a fear of posting. I was afraid of what to say, I was afraid of just getting more upset, I was afraid of being judged. Some of my feelings were totally irrational and some were just a part of grieving.

Things are really getting better now. We’ve been in Charleston for a few days now and everything is going really well. We’ve signed a lease on a great little place and now we’re lucky enough to get some time to go visit our families up in Maryland. I won’t have many opportunities to post while we’re visiting home, but I’m really looking forward to getting back into posting regularly and getting back into the awesome blogging community.


I believe that everything happens for a reason. Life happens and hopefully we learn something from it.