Hey! How’s the weekend going?

There has been a lot of rearranging and decorating going on over here. After living in dorms and teeny apartments for the past 6 years its been blast spreading out and actually putting some personal style into our home. The funny thing is that in reality I have absolutely no style so there has been a ton of trial and error going on with this whole decorating process but I really like how its turning out.

Things have been really simple in the meal department lately. Lots of sandwiches and eggs.


Ham sandwich on whole wheat rustic bread (so good!)

Moving from California to South Carolina has brought on a lot of changes in how we buy groceries, mainly in the produce department. A lot of the produce around here is actually from CA so it’s a lot more expensive than it is when you actually buy it in CA. To help cut down on cost I’ve been trying to focus on local fruits or at least more local than the other side of the country.


Basically that meals I’ve been eating a lot more peaches, nectarines, and melons. Sometimes the prices are still pretty close but if I have to pay more for produce I’d rather support local farms rather than encourage shipping produce from so far away.

Another new thing happening around here is more Navyguy cooking. I’m not sure if he just likes the new kitchen better or if some some cooking bug pit him but he’s been getting pretty creative in the kitchen.


Navy guy dinner


Canned green beans – Navyguy’s favorite vegetable. Our deal is that he can cook anything he wants as long as it includes a veggie 🙂


Spicy sweet potato fries with feta cheese


Shrimp, carrot, and broccoli stir fry.


I provided the wine, which I admit I totally picked out based on its cute label. Good thing it actually ended up tasting really great!


This was a pretty hefty dinner, but it was so delicious I couldn’t stop eating! The stir fry was seasoned with some chili powder, ginger powder, soy sauce, and topped with powdered peanuts. For himself Navyguy left out the broccoli and added in some pasta. I wish I would have paid attention to what he did because it tasted exactly like lo mien from a restaurant. I really admire how willing he is to get creative and take risks in the kitchen.

Do you like the decorating your home?

Does your significant other like to cook? do you like to cook together?