It might have taken a little longer than expected but all the boxes are finally empty! Everything has been put away and I finally feel completely moved in. Breakfast did a really great job of keeping me full all morning long. I’m telling you, potatoes are where it’s at.

Lunch was sort of on the lighter side. I was on a roll being productive and didn’t really want to lose my momentum by spending a long time in the kitchen.


A simple salad and sandwich sounded great.


Turkey and Swiss with spinach on a mini pita.


Leftover side salad beefed up with some extra veggies and tomatoes. I topped it off with a heavier than usual pour of olive oil and a few splashed of vinegar. I was hoping the extra olive oil would help keep me full, bonus the extra fat helps the tummy absorb more nutrients.


Totally hit the spot.

It felt so good to empty out the last box and finally just feel settled. Just in time for my inlaws visit too, no coincidence I swear :). But I did end up hungrier a lot earlier than usual but it was nothing a few extra crackers and cheese couldn’t take care of.



These are old pics but I felt the need to make up for the fact that I had an awesome dinner but totally forgot to bright the camera along. Bummer, but at least GLEE is on!