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Have you ever heard of a jelly and cheese sandwich?

Funny Story: Almost every day for lunch, straight through High School, Navyguy packed a Jelly and Cheese sandwich for lunch. Apparently at some point he decided he didn’t like the Peanut Butter part of PB&Js and thought cheese would make an excellent substitute. White bread, grape jelly, and a slice of yellow american cheese.

The first time I saw him eat one of these (he still eats them) I literally thought he was joking with me. I still sort of shudder at the idea, it just doesn’t sound right to me at all, but I’m am really warming up to the idea of mixing sweet and cheese flavors together. Today I took the plunge and had probably came the closest I ever will to eating a jelly and cheese sandwich.


Brie and Orange Marmalade with spinach on whole wheat pita.



Orange Marmalade is by far my favorite jelly/jam, its the perfect amount of sweet and tart. I picked up this jar at an awesome little European market in Kansas.



Now this is definitely a jelly and cheese sandwich I could eat on a regular basis. The only problem is that Navyguy says it “doesn’t count because it includes something green.” haha!

Funny Story #2: I got my dates mixed up and completely forgot that I’m running in my first race in the Charleston this weekend!



Last night we were trying to plan out things to do with in-laws this weekend when Navyguy says “you do remember that the 5k is this Saturday right” to which I responded “nope, no I did not at all.” I think my brain is secretly trying to push an extra week in so that the other big race doesn’t seem so close :).

I’m really excited about this 5k because I’ve wanted to participate in a race for the cure for the past 3 years but have always been in the wrong state at the wrong time. I don’t plan on trying to PR or anything, I just want to have fun, enjoy the race, and hopefully get to see some new parts of the city.

Random question: Is there a race or event that you’ve always wanted to do or hope to do someday? I have my heart set on the disney princess half marathon