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Don’t cry over spilled eggs.


I was having one of those “I have no idea what I want to eat” kind of mornings which quickly led to me falling back on an old staple: 2 waffles with 2 eggs.


The eggs cooked up perfectly (a rarity for me :)) and as I was transitioning from the pan to the waffles egg #2 decided to make a break for it, straight to the floor.


So in the end the cat got a surprisingly well cooked morning treat and I had some pumpkin pie spice spiked yogurt atop my second waffle.

I have some news and finally this morning just seemed like the perfect time. My eggs were cooking way better than I expected, something went wrong, something I might have been able to prevent if I were more careful, but maybe not, but I made a change and it turned out alright.

Marathon training started out awesome. Way better than I had anticipated in fact. I was following my training plan, avoiding burnout, and even running faster than I thought I could. What I didn’t anticipate was how much moving would affect sticking to my schedule and I never could have imagined the unfortunate events that happened at the end of our trip and how strongly they would affect me emotionally, or how strongly those emotions would affect not only my training but so much of my life in general.

I ended up missing about a month’s worth of training. I jumped right back into training as best I could but after about 2 weeks I officially decided to drop out of the marathon.

I don’t want this to seem like a Debbie Downer kind of post because that is completely the opposite of how I feel right now. If this had been my first marathon I probably would have decided to stick it out and just make my best attempt at finishing, but I’ve been there before and once is enough for me. After missing so much training (I had a similar experience the first time around) I started having intense anxiety and frustration during runs, thinking about runs, and sometimes during neither. For me, right now, its just not worth it.

I don’t feel like I’m quitting. I feel like I gave it my best effort and I actually feel great about this decision because I know its the best decision for me. Luckily there is also a half marathon that day and if there are still spots available at the expo (its the only time I can switch) I will definitely be switching.

Maybe I’ll run another marathon some day, just not this year 🙂