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If there’s one thing I know for sure its that I have been seriously slacking in the vegetable department lately.

I am officially making a pledge to up the veggie love.


I started off today with a veggie and brie sandwich.


While the bread was toasting the the cucumbers, carrots, and mushrooms marinated in a little bit of olive oil and red wine vinegar with some salt and italian seasoning.


So maybe it took a little bit longer than throwing together a turkey sandwich, but it was totally worth it.


The the crisp and tangy veggies worked so well with the salty and creamy cheese. The only thing I would have done differently might have been to let the veggies marinate in the vinegar mixture overnight, that really would have made this sandwich out of this world delicious.

I tend to fall into the mindset that vegetables are inconvenient, and sure there are lots of things you can throw together a little bit faster, but the rewards are definitely worth the tiny bit of extra prep and planning.

Favorite ways to eat veggies anyone? I love veggie sandwiches and stir frys

In other news..


I’ll be running my 2nd half marathon this weekend!

The original plan was to run the race easy plus another 7 to make the big 20 miler of marathon training easier. Now that I’m no longer running the marathon this will be totally for fun. I’m not going to try for a PR, my main goal is to just pace steady, stay positive, and enjoy running. The race seems like it will be a blast, the last 3 miles are on the ocean and maybe it shouldn’t matter, but the finisher medal is pretty sweet and I’m looking forward to earning it :).

Have you ever wanted to run a race just because it has a cool finishers medal/T-shirt/ anything? I definitely picked my first half marathon because of the really sweet surf board medal. Sometimes you need that little extra something for motivation right?? haha.