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Hello Friday!

I think having the in-laws visit this past weekend somehow messed with my internal clock, I had the days of the week mixed up all week long. The bright side is that I felt awesome this morning when I realized that today was in fact Friday.

I think I’m in total denial of the half marathon this weekend. Since it was originally just supposed to be another training run I feel extremely relaxed about it. The thing is the fact that I don’t feel nervous about the race is making me more nervous than usual. Did that make any sense whatsoever?

Sticking with my “up the veggies” goal wasn’t too difficult today. Since I’ll be out of town for most of the weekend I wanted to use up anything that might go bad.


For lunch I had a simple turkey and cheese sandwich with roasted potatoes, mushrooms, and broccoli.


The potatoes and broccoli were seasoned with a bit of olive oil and old bay then roasted for about 30 minutes at 400 degrees. I added the mushrooms in for just the last 10 minutes since they cook up lightening fast.


Side Note: Not washing your mushrooms in water really makes a big difference! I always knew that instead of washing mushrooms you’re supposed to just brush the dirt off, but I’m not really a good listener and I don’t like dirt so I would just rinse them off in a super speedy fashion. I’m not sure what inspired me to make the switch but I’ve tried it a few times lately and it makes a huge difference in the sogginess factor.

Side Note #2: Cucumber makes an awesome substitute for lettuce on sandwiches. Actually, I think I like it even better than lettuce, better crunch and better flavor.

Dinner wasn’t exactly as on spot as Lunch was. It was one of those “in theory this is going to be delicious” but in reality it was more like “I’ll eat it but probably wouldn’t feed it to someone else”


I threw together some leftover acorn squash, some sauteed collard greens, and makeshift turkey meatballs together in some chicken broth and called it a soup. Yeah, it was a little bland.


To add some extra flavor I added in some cheese, home made croutons, and festive decorations.


Safe to say the croutons were the highlight of the meal. I’m not sure why I kept a stale whole wheat bagel sitting around for so long, but I guess I’m glad I did. I chopped it up, sprayed them with a bit of oil and seasoned with salt and pepper. I threw them in the oven for 10 minutes while Navyguy was cooking his pizza and they came out perfectly – crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy in the center. Is it wrong to buy bagels in the future with the intention of letting them go stale?

And just for fun, here is the pizza that my croutons got cozy with:


Chef Navyguy started with a whole wheat Boboli crust and topped with

  • Tomato Sauce
  • Mozzarella Cheese
  • Feta Cheese
  • Italian Seasoning


I think that adding the seasoning and taking pictures made him feel fancy.

Most nights we tend to eat the same thing or at least variations of the thing, other nights we just go our separate kitchen ways and meet up at the table. When we first got married I had this super strict “I won’t be cooking two meals every night so we better learn to like the same things” mentality but that lasted about 2 days. In the end I think we’ve learned to like what the other eats more because we don’t force it on each other. I’ve also learned that having two separate meals really isn’t the end of the world.

Do you and your significant other/ roommate/ family like to eat separate meals together?