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Hello from Myrtle Beach!


I was really excited to pick up my bib and explore the expo this afternoon. I don’t think the reality of a big race really hits me until I’m at the expo. The expo was pretty small and honestly a smidgen disappointing, I was looking forward to picking up some discount gear but couldn’t find anything in my size. To make up for it the swag was actually pretty impressive (to me at least :)).

I’ll take a tech shirt over a big expo any day. I feel like I’ve noticed a lot of races have switched from white shirts to gray shirts, I’m a fan because I almost never wear white shirts while running (hello see through!).


My favorite part:


Free Sunbutter!!! I think I’ve officially decided that I like sunbutter better than peanut butter. Although it’s still a tough call between sun butter and cashew butter for number one. Sun butter might win by price.

When dinner time rolled around both Navyguy and I came to the sad realization that our favorite pre-race restaurant only exists in California and Nevada. We tried for about half an hour to find a fun new pasta place and failed miserably. It turns out that half of all the businesses in this area have closed down. At that point we were hungry and willing to go anywhere that had pasta and/or pizza and Carraba’s is what we found.

It ended up working out perfectly.


We split an appetizer of pumpkin and butternut squash ravioli which were to die for. Seriously. Ours were actually missing the parmesan cheese topping but I think that it worked out better that way, these things were perfect they way they were. Rich, just slightly sweet, and buttery. They could have been dessert.

For my meal I went with a pasta dish that was actually almost identical to my old pre race favorite.


Penne pasta with mushrooms, artichoke hearts, and olives. The dish is usually just served with olive oil so I asked to sub in a marinara instead. I’m glad I did because even though there was a ton of mushrooms, there were only 2 pieces of artichoke and 2 olives, it probably would have been bland without the sauce.


I’m off to finish laying out my race things, get to bed early, and visualize staying ahead of the back of the pack crew (the group of pacers you meet right before they through you on the “you’re going too slow” bus).