Growing up prunes were like dessert to me. Actually, they were dessert to me. I’m not exactly sure how she did it (note to self: call Mom), but my Mom would throw some prunes and probably a few other things into a pot and warm them on the stove. A few minutes later she would spoon the warm syrupy goodness into a coffee mug and that was dessert for the night. During the Fall and Winter I know a lot of people crave a warm cup of hot chocolate or maybe a slice of pumpkin pie, but more often than not I’m thinking about a mug of warm prunes.


It’s still unseasonably warm around here and even though I’ve had cravings for warm and comforting dinners, that just hasn’t been the case with breakfast. After waking up hot and sweaty most mornings all I want is a huge class of water and something light and cool.


This morning’s mix:

  • 1/2 cup low fat plain yogurt
  • 1/2 cup oats
  • chia seeds
  • sliced almonds
  • 5 delicious prunes


I love the soft and chewy texture combined with the sweet, but not too sweet, flavor. If you take about 5 prunes (one serving) and dice them up they make an excellent substitute for raisins. The prunes are a lot less tough and add a lot more flavor. Their sort of like dates, just softer, less sugary, and with a “old people eat them when they need to poo” bad rep. There are actually a lot of fruits that have more fiber than prunes, and besides, there really isn’t anything wrong with a little extra fiber.. just not a lot of extra fiber.

Prunes are one of those rare things where I think brand matters, the only other thing being cottage cheese. I’m not sure what they do differently, or maybe it has to do with where the fruit is grown, but you can’t go wrong with Sunsweet brand (the yellow bag), they never fail to be the softest and the sweetest.


How do you feel about prunes?

Do you have a favorite food that others shy away from?