Photos a la Navyguy.

Last night Navyguy decided it was time to pull out the bread machine. I don’t think I’d ever seen an actual bread machine until I met Navyguy’s family. It a big deal over there, and we use NavyMoms to make bread almost every time we visit. A few weeks ago when visiting she surprised us with one for our new place and although I’d much prefer to learn how to make bread the old fashioned way, I really appreciated the gift. Bonus: it is pretty fun to use.


I’m not sure what the recipe is or where it can from, all I know is that 2 hours after being asked “do we have baking soda and if we do where would it live”, we had this wonderful stuff…


Pumpkin Bread!

So this morning we made french toast. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t even really like french toast, but this sounded like too good of an opportunity to pass up.


Eggy milk and vanilla mixture.


Into a top pan coated with butter. Real Butter.


It was so good! I think the reason I don’t like regular french toast has something to do with plain bread getting soggy, bleh. There just isn’t anything special about it and usually requires a ton of syrup to really taste good to me. Pumpkin bread french toast definitely has a little something special and the density of the bread held up to the eggy mixture really well, it didn’t feel or taste soggy at all after cooking.


Instead of syrup I mixed some leftover pumpkin puree with some yogurt and a splash of maple syrup for dipping. I think I might make this for breakfast the morning after Thanksgiving (both of our families will be spending the night with us!)

Do you have a favorite kind of french toast or just a favorite breakfast in general?