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Does this count as green eggs and ham?


If it does, I’d eat them anywhere.


Funny story is that I used to hate the combo of bell peppers and eggs. I think it had something to do with under cooked peppers and over cooked eggs in the form of a cheap omelet. I loved the green in my eggs today.


This breakfast sandwich blew my old gas station breakfast sandwich staples out of the water. I have a lot of fond memories that include running to 7-11 or Wawa for a coffee and a b-fast sammie.. I wouldn’t change a thing but man, those sandwiches were kind of bad haha.

Before breakfast I hit up the treadmill for a short and sweet 2 mile run. I had a great time last saturday at the Richmond Half, but I feel such a relief now that the pressure to run long runs is off. I added on 20 minutes on the elliptical to round out my cardio for the day. Ahhhhhh (sigh of relief).

When lunch rolled around I was in one of those “inhale the kitchen” kind of moods. I knew I wasn’t actually that hungry, I was just in the mood to eat. I’m honestly not sure if it’s an “emotional eating” thing or a “boredom eating” thing, all I know is that recently I’ve found myself eating just because I want to and not because I’m actually hungry pretty often. I’m trying to work at recognizing when I get in those moods and figure out whats really going on behind the scenes in my mind. At lunch I felt like the best action was to get a cohesive and satisfying meal on the table, but fast before I had time to start snack on the entire contents of the kitchen.

Satisfying lunch in less than 3 minutes:


Leftover chicken and veggies soup in the microwave for 2 minutes.


Slice of ham, arugala, and mustard on a bun.


Throw some delicious and peppery arugala into the slightly bland soup…


amazing. Lunch in less than 3 minutes.


For me, actually sitting down at the table makes a world of difference when it comes how satisfying a meal is. It’s almost like the fact that I’m not focusing on anything else except for the food makes my insides realize that I’m eating faster than when I’m distracted. I was still craving the tortilla chips that I wanted to inhale before hand, but now I just wanted a few for the crunch, not the whole bag for my bored tummy.

Random, but seriously, only running 2 miles was the most amazing feeling. I feel so great.