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How many times do you think that title/phrase has been used before? I’m guessing some where around 564 billion, something like that.

Today was one of those kind of days, you know, the kind you have during that time of the month. I’m in the process of switching up the birth control deal and I’m just feeling sort of off. All I wanted was a freaking brownie. Like, more than anyone should really want a brownie when they aren’t even hungry and there are no signs of brownies anywhere in the general vicinity.

The thing is, I sort of felt like this yesterday and decided that if I was going to feel like crap anyway I might as well just go for it, it’s only one day right? So now it’s turned into more than just one day and I’m staring at my pantry waiting for brownies to materialize out of thin air. Navyguy attempted talking some kind of sense into me, and I probably responded in a less than lady like manor, but regardless I do have to give him some credit for redirecting me. I really do love that guy.

He reminded me that if I went out and got brownies or cookies or whatever I’d just end up with a sugar rush and tummy ache, because if we’re being real, at that point there was no way I was only going to eat one. I thought about eating some sweet yogurt, but I was still stuck on this chewy chocolate fixation and decided oatmeal might work.


And work it did.

I called it brownie oatmeal, but really it was closer to hot chocolate oatmeal. I was sort of just throwing in whatever would be chewy and chocoately, something like this:

  • 1/2 cup oats
  • less than 1 cup hot water from the tea pot (I did want it to cook all the way so it’d be sort of chewy)
  • a splash or 2 of half and half
  • 3ish heaping tsp of cocoa powder
  • some sugar
  • toppings: marshmallows and 1 dove promise

I’m not saying that this is healthy oatmeal, and for a snack it was pretty high in calories, but I think it was a pretty healthy decision for me. It tasted awesome. My belly felt full and comforted but not stuffed or sick. I honestly felt better.


Question: Is there a difference between eating comfort foods and emotional eating? I tend to feel guilty after emotional eating but better after eating a comfort food but I’m honestly not sure if i’m just trying to justify a bad habit.