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Something strange has happened over the past couple of days and even though I think it’s pretty strange that my egg looks like someone stuck a finger in it, thats not what I’m talking about.


I’m talking about the fact that I’ve actually been getting up early and working out in the morning, and with minimal coffee involvement!


The thing is, I’m currently unemployed. And while I’m not complaining about having free time on my hands, I don’t really feel like I thrive without a schedule. I’ve always considered myself a go with the flow type personality, I’m nothing even remotely close to a Type A, so I can really struggle with fixing my own schedule and then sticking to it. Last week I finally decided I’d had enough. I knew trying to change everything all at once would probably backfire so I decided to pick just one thing to work on for the week: Getting to the gym first thing in the am.

The first morning I set my alarm for 6am and things didn’t go so well. I made it to the gym but it took me about 2 hours to get going. The next morning I set my alarm a little bit later and made sure I was in my workout gear before I left my bedroom. I might not be waking up as early as I want, but I am getting in the habit of getting my workout done first thing in the morning. After a few more days I’m planning to start going a little bit earlier everyday until I’m back to getting up at 5:45-6.


Breakfast: 2 eggo waffles (one before the gym), 2 eggs, 2 clementines. Its the 2x2x2 a la Kat.

Workout: 45 minutes elliptical on the hills setting, 20 minutes with the weights

Getting up earlier doesn’t completely change my day or magically make creating a schedule and sticking to it easier, but it does make me feel better. I have more energy and honestly, getting that workout done before anything else just makes me feel better about myself. The whole job searching process can be a real blow in the confidence department and I’d be lying if I said that being jobless doesn’t make me feel worthless, lazy, or guilty often from time to time. It’s so important to do things that make me feel productive and good about myself, things that don’t involve a pan full of brownies or hitting up the grocery store at 10pm for baked goods.

I’m used to setting goals based on a specific physical results. Examples:

  • Do x number of speed sessions to become a faster runner
  • Job search for at least x number of hours a day to find a job
  • Eat x number of calories to lose weight
  • Follow x training plan to PR at next race

I think it’s time to start setting some feel good goals. A “Feel Good Goal” will mostly likely still have some sort of specific outcome, the difference is the decision to set and accomplish the goal would not be based on that outcome, but instead based on how doing the act will make you feel. A Feel Good Goal is extremely personal because even though the specific outcome might be the same for everyone it might not make everyone feel the same way. Anyone could probably benefit from practicing yoga regularly and while it might make me feel really good, another person might feel intimidated by yoga or stressed out by the cost of classes. We’d likely get the same physical outcome, but not the same mental one.

Here’s what I’m think thinking about right now, but I’ll do another post with my specific goals after taking a little bit more time to think about it.

  • Try more yoga podcasts – feel good from yoga for free
  • Send cards/letters to friends and family through snail mail
  • Workout in the AM
  • Watch less TV

Time to start getting this  this place cleaned up and get some Thanksgiving grocery shopping/prepping under way

What would make you feel good about your self/life?