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How long do you think a winter squash can be stored on a countertop before it goes bad?

I’m pretty sure this butternut squash has been hanging out for at least a month, maybe more. It was a tad softer than usual but that only made it easier to cut. I roasted it in the oven at 400 for about 25 minutes and everything seem to be fine.


I had it on Monday night with some leftover Pot Pie a la BBQ sauce. I actually ended up mixing everything together, I think the squash would be a really great addition to the pot pie recipe.

Last night I used the rest of the squash up in a little curry barley mix and had the leftovers for lunch today.


I just cooked the barley according to the box and then added a butt ton of curry powder, some sliced mushrooms, frozen peas, and the leftover squash at the very end. I think I need to invest in a new type of curry because mine is super bland. No matter how much I use the level of flavor stays the same (very low) and only increases in bitterness. Any suggestions?


The veggies and chicken saved the day by adding in a ton of much needed flavor.

BTW shout out to Retta who helped me figure out where to find barley in the grocery store. It’s tricky stuff, I swear it’s in a different aisle in every grocery store. I found my box in the soup aisle but I’ve since seen it in other stores in both the cereal/oat/grit aisle and in the pasta/rice aisle.

Speaking of grains… and working backwards… I had some really tasty oats for breakfast.


I had grits and eggs on my mind but grits usually keep me full for about 30 minutes so I figured I’d try it out with oats.


I cooked the oats with plain old water and salt and added a dippy egg on top. It was delicious and kept me full all morning.


I definitely prefer my oatmeal savory. I really like sweet oatmeal combos or a good bowl of chocolately comfort, but I think I got burned out on sweet breakfasts. Most days I really just want a breakfast I can throw an egg on.

Questions: Sweet or Savory breakfasts? How long would you keep a winter squash before tossing it?