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Monday’s always excite me a little bit. I think it’s the idea of a fresh start for a new week. Anything is possible on Monday right?


I think I’m just feeling extra chipper today because after a weekend of gloom and rain the sun has finally come out!

Funny story: I actually felt the urge to go on a run yesterday morning, but I woke up to a very cold and very angry sounding rainstorm. So I stayed in and made a fun breakfast instead.


Crepes a la the Fitnessista. I subbed whole wheat flour for spelt and vanilla extract for the sweetener. I’m pretty picky about crepes but these are legit, perfect texture.


Fried apples (in butter!) and cinnamon on the inside, almond butter and cinnamon on the outside. One day I’m going to take the time to make traditional crepes a la my Grandma, contest to see who can flip their crepe higher included. Because really, its just not traditional if you don’t flip the crepe in the air while cooking it. Or is that just my Grandma?

For lunch I figured I’d stick with the rolled up meal theme and made a burrito.



Sautéed Base:

  • Ground Turkey
  • zucchini
  • onion
  • mushrooms
  • southwest chipotle seasoning


  • diced roma tomatoes
  • avocado
  • salsa


I know this is the opposite of seasonal, but the cold and gloomy weather has had me missing San Diego like crazy recently and this meal put a big smile on my face.

It ended up raining almost all day yesterday so I never went out for that run. On the bright side, I did finish up the first week of the Female Body Breakthrough. It was just 3 30-40 minute strength routines, but I’m still really excited that I stuck to each workout. I’m starting to feel really confident about sticking with this program, normally I would have already considered skipping a day or changing up the plan by now (yes, just one week in – thats how much I previously disliked weights). It’s still early, but I’m really surprised at how much I love the workouts and that I’m actually looking forward to week 2!

Random question: Have you ever tried flipping anything in the air while cooking? pancakes, crepes, eggs? it’s so much fun, even if it ends up messy.