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I woke up at 6 and made some coffee.


I made sure to add the coffee grounds this time.

I headed off to the gym, a little late, but still before 7 so I definitely consider that a win and favorite treadmill was still open, double win. I covered up the speed and mileage and just went for 35 minutes. It was a little bit tougher than Tuesday so after 20 minutes I started doing walk/run intervals. I still feel really good about.

I usually grab a banana or half a cliff bar before heading to the gym but this morning I completely forgot. I surprisingly wasn’t bothered by the empty belly at first but after the short run and a quick 20 minutes on the bike I was starving.


I figured it was the perfect opportunity to try out the cute coffee/dessert shop right across the street.


I went for a multigrain bagel with egg and coffee round 2 (aka round decaf). Since I’ve been having a hard time sleeping I’m trying to limit caffeine to one drink a day and only first thing in the am.


Everything was really good. The bagel was the perfect size, not to small, but not “this thing is the size of my face” huge. The best part- the bagel was buttered. I’ll probably ask for it plain next time but it was a really delicious break from the usual today.

If I had brought my laptop with me I’d probably have stayed there all day. But I didn’t so I went home, showered, and watched the Family Stone on TV while listening to christmas music and cleaning. I’ve already seen the Family Stone more than once but that didn’t change the fact that I still cried. a lot. I’m feeling a tad bit emotional, most likely due to a lack of sleep and that period thang beating up on me at the same time. I do have to say though that crying while watching a movie is one thing, a perfectly fine normal thing, but then realizing your crying and now theres actually just a target comercial on the tv, now that feels a little silly.

But in incredibly exciting news… I won my first giveaway! I’m seriously so excited that It feels like Christmas!

So I went from crying to laughing at myself to crying to jumping up and down excitedly. It’s been a silly day today, but its still been a really great day.

What what the last movie that made you cry?