2030 miles later and I’m back from Maryland. We spent almost 2 weeks celebrating the Holidays and hanging out with family. It was the longest I’d been home since our wedding last year and honestly it was probably one of the most relaxing visits I’ve had since I moved away 2 years ago. Normally going home makes me anxious. We can only be in town so many days and there are so many people we want to see, not to mention our families live in different cities about 100 miles apart. Far enough to be a hassle, but not far enough not to drive back and forth (sometimes multiple times). When it’s time to say goodbye I always feel like I’ve had a really great time, but I’m worn out and usually wishing I could have spent more time with more people or frustrated by all the down time in between all the scheduled visits.


This time was a little different. I didn’t count up the days to make sure they were exactly even between all the families and all the friends. I didn’t make plans to for dinners or get togethers. Most of the time, we just sort of winged it. Sure I feel a little regret for not reaching out to everyone I wanted to see, I missed a lot of my friends and I’m sad that I didn’t get to spend time with them. But the flip side I got to spend some amazing quality time with my family. Time that almost always gets pushed to the side, and now time that I won’t feel so anxious or guilty about spending elsewhere next time I’m up that way. This time it was quality over quantity and I liked it.

Time to go spend some quality time packing up the tree and writing up some resolutions.