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After writing my last post I’ve had so much swimming around in my head. I feel like letting it all out released some weird plug that was keeping all my thoughts blocked up. Let me just say, it feels good.

I think it even helped a little in real life. I had my second job interview yesterday and I really feel like I nailed it. Usually interviews make me extremely nervous and I feel like I’m more focused on giving the “right” answers or super impressive answers. It ends up feeling like some intense oral exam that I can only pass or fail. Yesterday I felt oddly calm and ready.

We started with a tour of the facilities. I got a lot of information about what really goes on and how they do things. I loved it and was honestly super impressed. When we finally got to the formal questioning part I felt like I was answering the questions 100% from the heart. Sounds sappy, I know, but the questions sort of caught me off guard so instead of spouting out practiced answers I felt like I answered everything more personally. The kicker is that going in I wasn’t even really excited about the job and now I can’t wait to hear back.

I left the interview feeling good, but still full of post interview anxiety. I’m always more nervous when I leave an interview than before I get there. I mean theres just all this build up and when its all over (usually way faster than I expect) you’re left with nothing to work on, its like, ok… what know? I just can’t handle it. Especially since this one of those, if we decide to hire you someone else will contact you, so don’t call me back, if we don’t pick you no one will contact you, ever. Oh, and I can’t give you any kind of time frame to stop hoping for a call.

Seriously, who came up with this system. How long do I wait until I accept that I haven’t been chosen? I’m getting anxious just thinking about it now.

The good thing was the interview was pretty close to one of my favorite base gyms so I planned ahead and pretty much headed straight for the gym after the interview was done. The gym was awesome. It kicks my gym in the butt. I did a short 25 minute run (because the treadmills there feel awesome) and a really great 30 minutes on a spin bike (because I loathe the stationary bikes at my gym). I felt like I was having my own little solo spin class. Sure I got a few funny looks, but that was only when I started bobbing my head and lip syncing to my ipod. Exercise should be fun – always.

Just for fun, top 5 things I’m feeling really awesome about right now:

  1. I’ve worked out 4 days in a row. Confession: probably the longest streak I’ve had in over a month.
  2. I’m eating sushi today. I can’t really pick just one favorite food, but sushi is definitely top five.
  3. Friends! It’s been over 3 months since we moved to Charleston and we’re finally starting to make friends!
  4. The interview. If I’m not hired it won’t be because I had a bad interview.
  5. Today I’m celebrating 2 years of being married to my amazing Navyguy.

(We did the typical “Navy Wedding” and actually got married about 6 months before having our wedding ceremony. The wedding anniversary is bigger because it’s the day we celebrated with all our friends and family plus its just the day everyone else knows. But today is still very special to me.)

What’s making you happy today?