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Fact: I’m more social during the week than on the weekends.

We spent the entire weekend at home just hanging out. The only exceptions were for a major grocery trip on Saturday and a gym trip on Sunday, which probably don’t really count as exceptions anyway haha.

Fact: I worked out 5 times this past week and I’m really proud of that. But that’s only if you consider Monday the first day of the week, which I do, sometimes.

I used to be pretty solid in my belief that Sunday was the first day of the week, but then I met Navyguy. He’s a Monday believer and has tried to convert me every since. I still go back and forth, but I have to admit sometimes Monday just works out better for me.

Fact: I really like tofu.


During the brief time I was a vegetarian I never tried tofu. Everyone talked about it like it was gross and that was enough for me. I ended up trying it years later just for fun and I loved it. My favorite is PF Changs coconut curry vegetables. The tofu, crisp on the out side and melt in your mouth soft and fluffy on the inside. My second favorite is the sesame tofu at the Whole Foods Salad Bar, nice first texture and so much flavor.


I tried to recreate my beloved (but way to expensive for regular consumption) sesame tofu. I got bonus points for imprinting the block of tofu while pressing it.


It tasted good, but I still have to work on it.

Fact: I used to HATE brussels sprouts.  


I still vividly remember the first time I tried them. I was six and had to sit at the dinner table well after every one else because I couldn’t finish them. By that time they were cold and their slightly sweet but bitter flavor made me gag. They had been steamed, were watery, and almost mushy, but kind of tough to chew. Eventually my mom stepped in with her tried and true “Just pinch your nose and chew as fast as you can method” so that I could be freed from the table. Not long after I went to bed I screamed for my parents because I was half convinced my stomach was about to explode. I didn’t know then but I was working up some of the most intense gas cramps of my childhood. So brussels sprouts taste like death AND make your stomach hurt? I vowed never to eat them every again.       

It was one of those things that worked out because everyone else hated brussels sprouts too. Then all of a sudden iI started seeing them all over the place, everyone all of a sudden like, no loved, brussels sprouts. I tend to pride myself on liking almost anything, especially when it comes to vegetables, so I figured I had to give it another go. I mean, it had been about 16 years.


Chopped and sautéed with a smidgen of olive oil and then doused in soy sauce. I think the key for me is to not overcook them and to add soy sauce. Because A. they have a slight crunch in the middle B. they don’t get that weird sweet/bitter taste like they do steamed and C. few things don’t taste better with a little bit of soy sauce.


Fact: I’m officially ditching brown rice for barley. I love it. (and there is a large pile of it under that tofu and stir-fry).

Have you discovered any “new to you” foods recently?