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Last night I had my ass handed to me in Spin Class form. The first spin class I tried wasn’t challenging so when one of the guys in class mentioned the “super intense” Wednesday class I figured that was where I needed to be. Well I definitely got ahead of myself on that one. I ended up having to turn the resistance down and have a seat more than a few times. I was tough but I think I needed a kick in the pants to tell me “hey if you want to improve your fitness you’re going to have to step things up.”

But back to the day before. The shots ended up not being bad at all. They actually didn’t hurt at all compared to the first one I got. It was nice of them to get the bad one out of the way first.


I even got a super sparkly disco band-aid. Now, hopefully, I’ll only have to make one more visit for the flu shot and the chicken pox vaccine. I’m so close to having everything done, I just want to start the darn thing already.

To celebrate/just because Navyguy and I decided to take advantage of Charleston Restaurant Week. I checked out almost all of the menus to find the perfect place for both of us. Most of the restaurant week menus only feature a few entrees so I trying to find a place that had options we’d both love. I decided to go with Iacofano’s Italian Bistro and Bar.

  iacofanos fundraiser flyer 2-1-11.png

No, I have no idea how to pronounce the name. But the menu sounded amazing.


IMG_0492.JPG IMG_0493.JPG

Pan Seared Mozzarella for him and Salad for her.


We definitely shared though. I mean, pan seared mozzarella? So good.

For dinner I went with the Seafood Risotto. A. Because I’ve only ever had risotto once and wanted to try it again and B. because I don’t normally order seafood anything and I was feeling pretty bold.


I wasn’t really sure how I felt about balsamic reduction (never really had it before) but this dish made me a believer. The risotto was rich and creamy and the sweetness of the balsamic brought out the sweetness of the crab. It was probably one of the top 5 best things I’ve ever ordered from a restaurant. Not that I have an actual list, but if I did, this would be on it for sure.

For dessert


Tiramisu. Swimming in chocolate sauce.

When I was browsing through the Restaurant Week menus I tried to keep in mind my weight loss goals. Considering the whole point of the deal is to get an appetizer, entree, and dessert, I knew I’d be eating a lot so I was trying to keep my eye out for lighter/healthier options. But then I found the Iacofano’s menu and knew it was perfect for us. I mean I was drooling over the description of the seafood risotto and I knew Navyguy would jump for the Shrimp Tortellini, but neither were what you’d consdier “light” meals.

This might be one of those things holding me back from reaching my goals but missing out on what sounded like an amazing meal just because I was afraid of over indulging just sounded silly to me. Yes there are times when its worth it to make the substitutions or to skip the restaurants for awhile, but is it worth it all the time? But then how much indulging is too much?

Obviously I don’t have a clue. Otherwise I’d be at my happy weight, and well, happy with it.

I had a salad, but I also had bread and fried cheese. I had an incredibly rich entree and dessert, but I only ate about half of both. I left feeling full, but not stuffed. I enjoyed everything, the food and the company, to the max. But at the same time I tried to be mindful of what I was eating and how full I was or wasn’t. It was a great night. I think the spin class probably made up for dessert, at least.