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Hey! I hope everyone either had a total blast this weekend or relaxed to the max. Or both. I did both.


Hello squinty eyes, someone get me some shades.

Some awesome friends (they actually moved from San Diego to Charleston at the same time we did) invited us to road trip up to North Carolina to visit the Biltmore on Saturday. It didn’t matter that I really had no idea what the Biltmore was or why it was worth visiting. I was being social on a weekend and that was what was important.

Would you judge me if I told you that after touring the house for over 2 hours I still don’t actually know anything about it other than the fact that Ritchie Rich was filmed there?


I started off the touring actually reading about the family and each of the rooms but after awhile I just sort of got wrapped up in looking at everything. There were times where I literally felt like I was in an early 1900s fairytale. The house was beyond beautiful and I was fascinated by the little bits that gave you a peek at what the culture was like. I actually think it was good for me that pictures weren’t allowed inside, I got really sucked in since I wasn’t stopping to snap pics every few minutes.


One of the things that stood out the most was the size of everything. The house itself is obviously enormous but everything outside of the library and the main dining hall was strikingly small. Most of the bedrooms were probably half the size of what you’d expect in a modern day mansion, heck they were just smaller than a lot of average master bedrooms. The beds, even in the head of the house’s master bedroom, were probably smaller than a modern full size bed.

Other fun things to note were the in house bowling alley (no joke), indoor pool in the basement, and the home gym. I had no idea that fitness was so popular back then, but apparently it was a big deal. They had a rowing machine, a wooden weight set, some other gymnastics type equipment, and even massage-style showers for their achey muscles.

Moral of the story: I never really learned much about historical culture by watching movies. Who would of thought.




After touring the house we spent some time looking around the gorgeous property, but it was cold and there was a free wine tasting waiting for us. Ok, I wouldn’t really consider it free since the ticket to tour the house was worth about 5 wine tastings but the kicker is that you got to taste as many wines as you wanted. Its a good thing we were driving back that evening because otherwise things would have gotten out of hand. There were at least 20 different options but I stuck to 6, one white, one rose, and 4 reds. My favorite was the Century Red, a mix of Sangiovese and merlot.

I wasn’t terribly excited with the idea of the 4 plus hour ride back to Charleston but the time flew by. I actually think we had just as much fun chatting away in the car as we did actually seeing the Biltmore and wine tasting. I absolutely love road trips like that, I mean having fun and enjoying your company during the ride is the whole point, right?

Sunday I spent the day lounging and doing pretty much nothing. The only reason I got out of my PJs was to get lunch from Whole Foods. We just live way too close, its officially a problem.

Today I started to feel that icky cold-coming-on feeling. I’m not sick yet so I’m crossing my fingers that I can just will it away. I think I can, I think I can… or I’ll just take butt loads of emergen-c and drink tea.

In amazing news: I’m done all the paper work for the new job! It even turned out that I didn’t need that last shot and that the flu shot is now a flu-snort-this-up-your-nose instead. That is a serious YAY for no more shots! Hopefully it will only take week to get everything processed so I can get this nonsense started.

Do you like road trips? Whats the longest you’r willing to drive just for a day trip? I love them. I used to say my limit was 2 hours, anything more than that I wanted to stay the night, but this trip really wasn’t so bad. I’d definitely do it again.