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My brain has been kind of foggy the past couple of days. I’m working on one of those stuffy icky feeling colds, luckily nothing bad enough to keep me stationed on the couch all day, just feeling kind of out of it.

Like this morning when I fixed my breakfast. I was all excited, the combo sounded so delicious in my head, I was practically foaming at the mouth waiting for my egg to finish.


It's like an egg blanket, so cool.

Plus I thought it was kind of cool that my egg covered up everything else in the bowl. And by kind of cool I mean I actually thought it was really cool. It was a good thing too because it covered up the fact that I had made breakfast completely ignoring my goal to cut back on eating meat.


Under that perfect egg was quinoa, deliciously gooey havarti cheese, and a slice or so of salami torn into little pieces. At first I was a little annoyed that I had completely spaced out about my goal, but then I realized how incredible this combo was and stopped caring. It was so good. Let’s have quinoa for breakfast everyday, OK?

I had planned for this to be a post about “me time” but my mental clarity is fading fast and this post is already all over the place. It’s probably best just saved for a less foggy headed day. Right now the important part is that I love sitting outside and just watching the morning. I love a good sunset, but for me, nothing beats the beauty of the morning.


There is something so peaceful and refreshing about taking 10-15 minutes to just eat my breakfast and think about my day/life. This morning I even had a companion. Can you see her?


Hello kitty

Apparently my kitty did not approve of my new friend.


That’s her tail at approximately 700x its normal size. She was kind of upset but I promised her I’d only eat breakfast with her from now on. The problem is, I’m pretty sure this was just a ploy for her to get my eggs. She’s an egg fiend, that one.