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So the gorgeous weather we’ve had recently made the weekend and Monday fly by. Now that its chilly and gloomy again the reality is starting to set it. Yes, it’s still winter. On the bright side it’s the first of the month. I always love the first because you get that “fresh start” feeling of a Monday, but only that much bigger and better.

I always like to jot down a few goals for the month on a sticky note. Nothing high pressure, just a few things that would be really nice to do, would make me feel good, but not anything that would cause me anxiety if I didn’t do. Last month my favorite things on my sticky note were to call/connect with 5 out-of-state friends and try meal planning for one week.

I tend to be pretty scatter brained (if you haven’t noticed by now) so writing down simple things like that really helps me out. I’m good at remembering the big things but its really easy for me to to say “I should give so-and-so a call, we haven’t connected it awhile” but then forget about it for weeks or even months. Yea, I’m 23 going on 74, but at least I’m working on a system :).

I actually crossed both of those little goals off of my list last month.


My favorite meal during the week was this butternut squash, spinach, and feta stuffed chicken breast.


The chicken was marinated in a little bit of lemon juice, olive oil, and rosemary. A little bit too much rosemary actually. I’m still working on the whole “simple flavors” thing, but it was still really tasty.


I would have never made a meal like this without planning ahead of time. When I don’t have dinner already planned I always wait until the last minute to cook dinner and therefore only make things that cook in 10 minutes or less. With prep and cook time this took about 40 minutes, but was so much more interesting than having stir fry for the third night in a row.

But really, connecting with some really awesome people was the highlight of January. Almost all of my closest friends are living in different states and its just too easy to let things like facebook fool you into thinking you’re really keeping in touch. Sometimes you really just need to take the time to call and really connect with someone. I love these people and I want them to be a part of my life even if its only over the phone for now.

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IMG_2690.JPG Kinnamon-0121.jpg

We’re spread out across Maryland, Massachusetts, South Carolina, and Kansas but we’ve all stayed just as close as we were in high school and college because we make the effort. I get lonely sometimes, it’s hard to make new friends when you move around a lot and its easy to take what you have for granted. I’m incredibly blessed to have these ladies in my life :).

Who do you want to celebrate?