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I don’t believe we’ve been properly introduced…


Meet Daisy, our adorable, rambunctious, sweet, yet very spunky kitty.

We were up in Maryland visiting NavyGuy’s parents when one day NavyDad decided to tell us a story. It went something along the lines of: “No pressure, but I was out looking for corn when I happened to find a guy that has a litter of kittens, whose mother was killed, that he can’t take care of. No pressure, I know you aren’t looking for a cat right now, but they are pretty much the cutest, bestest, most cuddly kittens ever.” It went something like that.

We debated about going to see them for a little while. I’ll be honest, at first I just wanted to ignore the idea of getting a new kitten. It wasn’t very long after we had lost our first cat and I was still incredibly heart-broken. I was worried I’d feel like I was trying “replace” Sami. In the end we decided to stop by, if it didn’t feel right we’d be ok knowing that someone else would take them.


We showed up at the farm and almost instantly had found our kitten. We played with all three for awhile but one in particular stood out from the rest. NavyGuy, knowing how nervous I was about getting a new cat, cautiously asked me what I thought. I responded: “Her name is Daisy,” which basically meant: I’m already in love with her, lets taker her home now. He agreed whole heartedly.

Daisy got her name because, well, I thought she kind of looked like a cow with her big grey spots and for whatever reason in my mind Daisy is a cow name.

NavyMom and Dad actually ended up taking one of her sisters, thats Yoda in the picture next to Daisy. They may just be big Star Wars fans, but I kid you not, that kitten looked JUST like Yoda when they first picked her up.


who could say no to that face?

Who could say no to that face?

She’s grown so much since that day and her personality gets better (and crazier) every day.

She loves to cuddle, but she’s anything but a lap cat.


she much prefers a good shoulder.

Her favorite food is pizza.


Not even kidding. She comes out of nowhere like a bolt of lightning whenever pizza is around and will do almost anything to get to it (including leaping off tall objects onto your head).


She’s kind of crazy, but she’s our Daisy.

If you have pets what are their names and how did you choose? I love hearing the reasons behind names.