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Normally I’m all about Monday, but today was even more exciting than usual, I was finally going to get the last few things signed off to start that new job. Even though I haven’t been sleeping well lately I had no problem jumping out of bed this morning and heading out the door. I was a big ball of nerves and excitement, there are tons of things I’m dying to find out about this job ranging from what training is going to be like to simply what kind of hours I’ll be able to get but until the paperwork is finished I don’t actually get to talk to anyone who knows the answers.


Unfortunately on my way there I got a phone call saying we had to reschedule for the third time. Ah, foiled again. I bet you’re probably starting to think that I made this whole job thing up, huh? Right now the Navy Base and Air Force Base are in the process of combining into one joint base which, understandably, is resulting in miscommunications and missing paperwork between offices that are moving around. To be fair, when I accepted the position I was fully aware that it might end up like this so I’m not upset about it, I’m just really anxious to get started because I’m excited about the job.


So anyway, fun things that happened over the weekend:



I got a bike! The last bike I owned was stolen in college and I’m not really sure why I put off getting a new one for so long. I’ve been searching for used bikes for a couple of months now and had a pretty good idea of what I wanted/could afford but wasn’t really finding anything good. The truth is that I love road bikes and wanted one so that I could be one of the cool kids.


I ended up going into a local shop and talking to some really great guys. We talked mostly about why I wanted a bike: basically so I can get to and from some local places and for fitness. They showed me a really awesome road bike but pretty much said that for what I want, a hybrid would probably work out better. The one I ended up going with has nice road-like tires but a more comfortable handle/seat position as compared to a road bike. Basically they said that I’d still be able to use the bike in a triathlon but would feel a lot more comfortable riding to and from the grocery store, plus it was going to be about $400 cheaper.


After a quick test run I was sold. It felt so great to be on a bike again and the bike itself felt great. I’m really glad that I ended up going in and actually talking to real people. I love scouting out good deals online but I had to give in on this one, getting some professional opinion really helped. I probably ended up saving money in the end, I didn’t have to worry about getting the wrong size bike, and I can bring it in for a year for any tune ups or adjustments I might need.


Now I just need to get hooked up with a sweet helmet. I’ll admit, I hate wearing them, but I don’t mess around when it comes to my brain. I grew up in Maryland where its basically illegal to be seen near a bike without a helmet on. Apparently around here the only situation in which the law warrants a helmet is if you are under 18 and riding a motorcycle. That is legitimately crazy to me.


Other exciting news:



We started leash training the Daismeister this weekend. I know it might sound/look weird but we travel a lot and I know from experience how beneficial it is for a cat to be comfortable being around strange people, animals, and new surroundings. Besides if you think this is weird imagine someone training a cat to go on runs with them, without a leash even. I’m not even kidding, my Aunt’s cat would literally run with her and then just run back home when she got tired.


Thinking about my aunt and her running cat sort of got me thinking about the topic of Cat Ladies. Does walking my cat on a leash put me in the creepy Cat Lady category? So I came up with a list of defenses reasons why I don’t think I’m a Cat Lady yet.

  • I only have one cat. I think you need a minimum of 2 to be up for consideration.
  • I’m married. I’m hoping there’s no such thing as a “creepy Cat Couple”.
  • I socialize with real people, even if I don’t tend to do it on the weekends
  • When introducing myself to new neighbors I don’t immediately start talking about cats (one of our neighbors did this, she is a legit creepy Cat Lady).

Last time I was in downtown Charleston I saw a cool older couple out walking their cat in the park. I’m hoping that I can stay cool enough to be like them and avoid creepy Cat Lady status.

Questions: What do you think about helmets? Do you think there should be a law for wearing them? I definitely think everyone should have to wear a helmet. I shudder every time I see someone riding a motorcycle without one. It makes me think of those “this is your brain on drugs” commercials only “this is your brain in a head on a collision with the pavement without a helmet.” Yikes.

Is walking a cat on a leash weird or cool?