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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’ve actually never really been big on Valentine’s day. In high school I used to bake cookies and give them to all the girls in my classes that didn’t have Valentines. In case that sounds creepy, I should mention that I went to a really small all girls high school so it was kind of cool/funny. There was actually one year where I refused to go on adate with my boyfriend so that I could hang out with some of my single friends. I don’t think Valentine’s Day should be just about being with a significant other, just about celebrating anyone you love or care about.

Random Fun Fact: When I had my Catholic confirmation in 8th grade I had to choose a saint to take a name after. I chose St. Valentine because Valentine is actually my great grandmother’s name.


I don’t remember anything about St. Valentine himself, in my defense 8th grade was a long time ago, but the name supposedly means strong, powerful, and worthy, which, I thought was pretty cool.

NavyGuy knows I’m not big on V-day so we had been planning a low-key night. I asked if I could trade in chocolates and flowers for a kitchen cleaning. I think he would have preferred the chocolates but I’m way more thankful of this arrangement. He also cooked me a fancy dinner.


Ok, maybe not fancy, but seriously delicious.


Chicken and asparagus quesadilla with leftover corn. That might not seem like much cheese but that’s because I snuck into the kitchen and stole about 764 slices of cheddar while the chicken was cooking.


And because it’s Monday or Valentine’s Day or whatever, wine. It was some kind of Mascato, not something I’d drink everyday but it was very sweet, slightly bubbly, and lots of fun.

I’m still working out the kinks in my new schedule but today went rather smoothly. I managed to get into the gym this morning for a quick 3 mile run before work. I had planned to do 4 but I was a little too slow getting out of the house. I used to be a pro at packing up my lunch and breakfast the night before and now I am sadly out of practice.

I think the hardest part for me is figuring out what I’m going to want to eat. I packed up a perfectly appetizing salad this morning but for whatever reason by the time lunch rolled around I wanted nothing to do with it. Basically I end up packing 2 or 3 things I can make into some kind of meal just in case whatever “main” thing I pack doesn’t sound good. It’s working ok, I’d just like to cut back on the amount of stuff I lug around. I think maybe I just to devote more time to planning a good meal instead of just throwing together whatever is easiest. Any good lunch packing tips?

Random Fun Fact #2: NavyGuy proposed to me on Valentine’s Day. In his defense we weren’t really celebrating V-day, it was after midnight (so technically the 15th), and we were doing the long distance thing at the time so he was limited on weekend options. I didn’t want anyone to know that it was so close to Valentine’s Day because I though it was way too cheesy.


Luckily things worked out 🙂

By the way, the kitchen looks GREAT.