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Funny Story: On Friday night NavyGuy went to bed at 7:30. After taking a nap on the couch. I guess he felt like he had to one up me for passing out on the couch the night before.

The best part of this whole deal is that after sleeping for somewhere in the neighborhood of 13.5 hours was that he woke up all bright-eyed and wanted to take me out to brunch.

Sounds good to me 🙂


We’ve been by the Charleston Cafe a few times but it was always closed. It’s one of those cute little breakfast and lunch only places so it closes pretty early. We had debated going to find a place near the beach but decided to take the opportunity to try this little place out.

IMG_0654.JPG  IMG_0655.JPG

Most of the time any kind of brunch establishment will win me over simply by giving me real cream with my coffee. Seriously, you can have all the fancy pancakes, waffles, and deep-fried pastries you want (something the Charleston Cafe apparently specializes in) you want, but in my mind giving me real cream for my coffee takes the cake.

This coffee was even more of a treat because I haven’t had coffee at home in almost 3 weeks now. I decided to cut back because my two cups a day were starting to make me feel really jittery, anxious, and I was actually getting heart flutters every once in awhile. I know, 2 cups probably sounds like the amount of coffee a toddler can drink without any problems but I feel so much better so I’ll take it.

For the food portion I had a really hard time deciding between the Mexican Omelette and the Southern Benedict. I ended up with the Southern Benedict since I felt like the Mexican Omelette (black beans, cheddar, and salsa) was something I could too easily just make at home.


Southern Benedict: 2 eggs over fried green tomatoes and bacon on top of french bread.

I ordered it without the Hollandaise Sauce and with eggs over medium. Aren’t eggs benedict supposed to be poached? I was just so surprised when she asked me how I wanted my eggs I just spouted off my usual request. I thought that was odd, but honestly didn’t really change the meal much.


With grits on the side, of course. I think that grits are probably one of my top 5 favorite things about living in South Carolina. I’ll choose grits of hash browns or home fries any day of the week.

After brunch we headed out to the park for some quality book reading time.


I’m currently reading 50/50 by Dean Karnazes, it’s really good so far!

We also took Daisy out for some leash time.


She was pretty shy at first. To be fair it was kind of windy and I don’t think she was really into that, but after the wind died down she got pretty comfortable.



She spent most of here time exploring the old boat and just sniffing around. I was happy to see that she basically ignored all the (GIANT) ducks and geese that were out and didn’t seem to be bothered at all by the couple of dogs that came and went. I’m so proud of our little baby cow :).

Later in the evening went went over to a friends house for an amazingly hilarious game night. I didn’t take an pictures but if you ever have the change to play Settlers of Catan or Pictionary on the Wii, DO IT. Especially if you have a few bottles of wine to go along with the games. I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in months.

Favorite Board Game? Favorite Video Game? Favorite Big Group Game?