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I can’t believe I went another whole week without posting! This week was crazy but mostly in a good it-went-by-so-super-fast way.


I got to go in to work at 6:30am everyday last week. I dreaded it on Monday but I ended up loving it. I think I truly am a morning person and going in at 6:30 consistently knocks having a different schedule everyday out of the park! I had way more energy all week and I’ve been sleeping like a rockstar. I’m keeping my fingers super crossed that the big bosses like having me on this schedule.

I guess the only reason I haven’t been blogging is because I haven’t honestly had a lot to say. Life is good, but i hasn’t been terribly exciting. I mean, unless you also consider going an entire week without seeing poop that is uncontained by a diaper OR projectile vomit a serious accomplishment, then maybe I’ll have a few more things to write about, but I just wasn’t sure.

Meals have been pretty quick and dull lately. I have to admit that some of the most exciting meals I’ve had all week have come from NavyGuy.


I came home to the smell of broiling chicken wings the other day. Amazing.


On the side I fixed up some black bean quinoa and asparagus.


Wings: broiled and dipped in a NavyGuy concocted spicy honey barbecue sauce.

Quinoa: mixed with half a cup of black beans, hot sauce, some left over bbq sauce, and a queso flavor laughing cow wedge.

Asparagus: Roasted with salt.



Yesterday we went to go see Rango


It was cute but didn’t come anywhere close to beating out Despicable Me as my favorite (recentish) animated movie. The number one thing that I got out of it was a serious hankering for Mexican food. Luckily Los Arcos was right around the corner from the theatre.

We had never been there before or even heard of it for that matter, but I only really wanted one thing and it was pretty simple.


Chip and guacamole.

I decided to order some soup so that I didn’t look like I was eating chips and guac as a meal.


At first it looked really unappealing. Like plain broth with a few hunks of chicken and frozen veggies thrown in a the last second. Surprisingly it tasted the complete opposite of how it looked. It was spicy, full of flavor, and was perfect topped with avocado and crumbled chips. Not quite as good as then usual chicken tortilla soup but it was still very tasty.

I ate half (it was a HUGE bowl) and had the other half for dinner the same night. I then passed out cold for a four hour nap after getting hit with allergies like a ton of bricks. I was not prepared for South Carolina to lay such hatred on my sinuses but on the bright side that means Spring is really here and no amount of allergies can take that joy away!

Workouts have been pretty slim:

30 day shred – Monday

3.3 mile run – Tuesday

4.5 mile run – Thursday

It really took me a few minutes to accept that I only worked out 3 times this week. I feel lame, but I’m also feeling pretty motivated to get my butt in gear. My goal is to workout at least 5 times this week.

Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend!