Shopping for running shoes and going for a run are basically the same thing right?

Ok, not at all. But I’m mentally feeling the same as if I had actually gone for a run so it all works out.

I started off my day with some much need de-cluttering. It started with just picking up around the house, conquering the kitchen, and catching up on laundry. It ended with my hair. It had been about 7 months since my last haircut and things were starting to get out of hand. My hair felt totally blah, it was in the way all the time, and I felt like it just wasn’t flattering me at all anymore.

IMG_0700.JPG IMG_0699.jpg

Before. Too long, too blah, and my bangs were obviously way past their prime.

I had no idea what kind of style I wanted or where to even go. I spent a little time googling places, picked one more or less at random, and ran out the door.

Less than an hour later I came out looking like this:


Not the best pic, but obviously a lot different.

It’s definitely not a cut I would have ever asked for but I really like it so far. After talking for awhile about how I had no idea what kind of style I really wanted we decided to go with a neutral length, something I could still put in a ponytail but also short enough so I could better decide if I still wanted to go shorter.

Cleaning up the house helped me feel a lot better but something about getting all that dull hair chopped off really made me feel great.

After the haircut NavyGuy and I headed over to grab a quick bite from Atlanta Bread.


I went with the half salad and sandwich combo.


Half Cuban Panini. Something about the combination of pickles, mustard, and mayo that is so good!

Then after lunch we headed over to our local running store:



Honestly we’d been kind of putting off going there because we both loved RoadRunner Sports in San Diego so much. At first TrySports seemed sort of small and stuffy. I was afraid we wouldn’t be taken seriously or they would be more about making a sale rather than just helping but I’m happy to say that the staff totally proved me wrong.

They were incredibly friendly and helpful and seemed way more interested in help us out versus just making a sale. I didn’t need new shoes but they did a really great job helping NavyGuy find an awesome pair. The best part is that we found out that theres a great running trail right across the street we didn’t even know about.

So I haven’t actually gone for a run yet, but mentally I’m feeling almost as good as if I had, which means I’ll only feel even better when I actually make it out there right? That’s what I’m telling myself at least and for the time being it’s making me really excited to run so I’m not complaining :).

Headed off to watch an MLS game. It’s NavyGuy’s thing but I think it’ll be pretty fun. I’d pick soccer over baseball or football any day.

What’s your favorite sport to watch in person? on TV? I love watching hockey and Rugby in person. I’d watch Rugby on TV if it were on more often but other than that I’m not a big fan of watching sports on TV.